Dayve’s Thoughts: How I Get Along With Highly Opinionated People

I have known some highly opinionated people and they usually have this impassioned subject which can get intense. In fact, I don’t actually talk about political subject especially when dealing with a very opinionated about their point-of-view. In my opinion, it is better to leave them with their own beliefs than making some arguments which would only lead to a very awkward situation.

I read an article on a study of how people respond to the challenges to their core beliefs, and people often resist to change their beliefs when they are directly challenged especially when the beliefs are the foundation to their identity. However, the most difficult to deal with are the highly opinionated people.

When I deal with these highly opinionated people, I would rather give them the opportunity to talk about what they think and feel. I would rather listen than comment on what they believe because highly opinionated people tend to be what we generally call as ‘Google’, the ‘Know It All’ or the Expert. Frankly speaking, it can be difficult because the need to deal with their attitude of being perfect and their defensive lifestyle.

I don’t and cannot blame them for being highly opinionated. Perhaps it may be due to their previous experience, a trauma. In fact, getting to know them better could be the best way to understand why they behave that certain way. Some of these highly opinionated people might be those who are afraid of failure and the feeling of unappreciated. Their previous experiences might have turned them to be surrounded with protective barriers.

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I am not saying that we need to placate them, but we just need to stop judging them as they are actually suffering from low self-esteem. There is a need to change our own perspective and look these highly opinionated people as people with qualities and motivated to do something when they feel appreciated. Just never make compliments sound too phony.

However, there are some cases where I would rather walk away because it is useless to stick with highly opinionated people who think they are right even when it is obviously incorrect. When they are harmful and dangerous, I would just walk away. I would say nicely that I just need to keep my opinion to myself.

Being nice does not mean to become submissive. I just love to keep being nice to everyone but guarding myself so that I won’t be hurt or hurt others.

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