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Dayve’s Favourite: Sudio NIO Wireless Earbuds

It’s 2021, guys! We just need to say goodbye to those troublesome moments of untangling the cable of our earphones. I have decided to get myself a Sudio NIO since I need to get a very convenience gadget so I don’t have to end up with a broken iPhone or Macbook later. To be frank, I was not eager to get a wireless earphone since I feel much comfortable with my wired earphone – the thought that I long held that bluetooth only drained my phone battery faster. That when until I broke my iPhone X when I was doing my workout just a month ago.

Frustrated. Disappointed. I blamed myself for being careless. That’s when I decided to invest myself with a good wireless earphone, and I chose Sudio NIO because it has play time up to 20 hours, connected via bluetooth, and with a capability of connection range of 10 metres. With 5.5 hours of battery life on its own, this Sudio NIO fits seamlessly into my daily routine – working to fitness. This is too good to be true!

Sudio NIO

The Sudio NIO comes in 4 attractive minimalistic colours – black, white, green, and the elegant sand colour. Well, I got myself this sand colour since I can easily fit it with the colour of my Macbook and also iPhone 12 Pro Max. The best thing about this Sudio NIO is its interchangeable wingtips that makes wearing this wireless earbuds feel so ascendant, or in my own simple and easier to understand – stylish.

I no longer have to look for the buttons – Play, Stop, On, or even Off. Just tap the beat. I mean, this is so stylish yet convenient to me. I just have to tap on my Sudio NIO whenever I need to play or even stop the music. Yeah, sometimes I make my staff thought I was tapping on my earlobe. Gosh. It doesn’t matter anyway, as I find this Sudio NIO is really a great gadget which I don’t think I would like to go back to my wired earphone anymore.

Moreover, this is not an ordinary earphone as Sudio NIO is a versatile, and with its IPX4 ingress protection, Sudio NIO keeps playing whether you’re in the gym or caught in the rain. Its’ adaptive dual-microphone technology filters out unwanted background noise while you’re on a call, while 4 wing sizes allow you to find your own comfortable soundscape. In other words, I can simply listen clearly when I am attending my online classes or having a Zoom meeting with the management. Oh, I have to mention that this Sudio NIO is built with adaptive dual-microphone technology which is practically certain to make the clearest voice in every online meeting, call, and… TikTok. LOL!

Sudio NIO

Since I am very fussy when it comes to warranty, the Sudio NIO offers a 3-year international warranty with Sudio SPEHRE. This is a great offer to me as I am investing into a technology that makes my life soooooo convenient. If you are just like me who would calculate everything including ROIs, annual depreciation, or maybe salvage value – You know that investing into this gadget means a lot to you. In short, I love this Sudio Nio because it completes everything as I listed in my preliminary requirements. Okay, my joke can be quite exaggerative sometimes.

Sudio NIO

Sudio NIO Sand is a perfect Valentine Day’s gift! With its earbud’s superb sound quality, beautiful elegant color, plus an exclusive free Gift Wrap (for purchase 18 Jan – 14 Feb 2021 at, makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones. Using discount code DAYVENIO, this exclusive package is only MYR 306.

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Sudio NIO


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