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Dayve Rampas

Dayve Watched: High-End Crush (고품격 짝사랑)

I have been watching Korean dramas during MCO/RMO for the past few weeks. Binge watching. Here’s another Korean drama (or K-Drama) which is rather hilarious. High-End Crush is a romantic comedy between this eccentric young CEO and a stubborn country girl. This is actually a South Korean-Chinese production web drama starred by Jung II-Woo and Jin Se-yeon. It was quite popular in China with over 200 million views in that country.

Those funny parts started with Sae Hoon (Jung II-Woo) had to endure all the difficulties just to find Yi-Ryung’s (Jin Se-Yeon) home which was located deep in the ‘jungle’. There were tons of hilarious scene in this drama including when jealousy hit Sae Hoon because he was deeply in love with Yi-Ryung, just that he got this ‘self-image’ to protect and did not want to show his weaknesses. He got intimidate of losing Yi-Ryung that he worked really hard just to express his love.

This drama got some catchy dialogues which I actually used them as my status on Facebook. The ending was quite abrupt but still got some hilarious elements such as when the couple were kissing in the car, and Chief Heo had to stay outside the car, with rain pouring down.

If you are love something light, sweet, non-controversial Asian drama, High-End Crush is made for you to watch. I know not everyone would like this but for those who just need some relaxing drama, this is just nice for you to watch. I enjoyed watching this, though.


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