[DAYVE TRIED] TIA’M Surprise Patch Set

TIA'M Surprise B Patch and the TIA'M Surprise H Patch

[DISCLAIMER] I received this product for free from Picky and TIA’M in exchange for my honest review.

Two essential items for any skincare routine are the TIA’M Surprise B Patch and the Surprise H Patch, especially if you’re dealing with stubborn acne. An overview of the products’ efficacy follows.

TIA'M Surprise B Patch

TIA’M Surprise B Patch
💋 The design of these patches, which comes in a variety of sizes, allows you to select the optimal size for your zit.
💋 The patch should be applied before going to bed so that the wound can heal during the night and the skin will be clearer and brighter when you wake up.
💋 The hydrocolloid technology works by soaking up excess oil and dirt, protecting the pimple from further irritation.
💋 The patch is made from a thin and light material, so you can wear it without any discomfort while you sleep.

TIA'M Surprise H Patch

TIA’M Surprise H Patch
💋 For daytime use, its seamless nature and ultra-thin exterior are ideal. It is designed to be used covertly, under cosmetics.
💋 The patch is simple to apply and absorbs excess oil and dirt, keeping you from picking at your face and risking further skin damage by doing so.
💋 For those who are prone to acne breakouts, the hydrocolloid patch is a godsend because it effectively creates a protective barrier against external irritants.
💋 Because of its minimal weight and ultra-thin border, the patch works with any skin type and colour.

TIA'M Surprise B Patch and the TIA'M Surprise H Patch

The verdict
Both the TIA’M Surprise B Patch and the TIA’M Surprise H Patch are essential for anyone dealing with acne. While the H Patch’s ultra-thin outer edge and barely visible appearance make it ideal for daytime wear, the B Patch’s multi-sized patch design ensures maximum coverage. Hydrocolloid technology is used in both patches to effectively absorb oil and impurities and form a protective barrier against outside irritants, halting any further damage to your skin. You can use these patches during the day or at night, depending on your needs. If you give them a try, you will be astounded at how quickly your acne clears up.

Thank you, @go.picky @pickyrewards @tiam_global @tiam_korea for this product.

TIA'M Surprise B Patch and the TIA'M Surprise H Patch

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