Dayve Tried: Soul Sisters Organic Moroccan Ghassoul Clay

SOUL SISTERS Moroccan Ghassoul Clay

I love trying out new skincare products, and this time I got Soul Sisters Moroccan Ghassoul (Rhassoul) Clay which is said to be powerful in skin detoxification and purification. So, I searched about this ‘new’ clay on the Internet and I am quite impressed that Ghassoul clay is uniquely able to draw out impurities, dirt and toxins that lie beneath the skin surface. Besides, it is a lot more gently than other clays as it helps treat different skin concerns including blackheads and acne. The little particles help provide a gentle exfoliation which leads to a more even skin complexion. It is also nourishing for the skin and helps draw out excess oil without stripping out beneficial oils.

SOUL SISTERS Moroccan Ghassoul Clay

While most of us (including me) would think that Ghassoul and Moroccan Red Clay are the same thing. The truth is both of these clays come from different family. Ghassoul Clay has a brownish tint while Moroccan Red Clay has a more reddish color. Moroccan red clay has a higher iron oxide content, hence its red tint and their benefits are also different.

Soul Sisters Moroccan Ghassoul Clay contains a high silica and magnesium content that reduces impurities while improving elasticity, absorbing excess sebum, unblocking pores and preventing breakouts. It is a good 10 minute skin detox which helps brighten up and mattify the skin. It also eliminates blemishes and unwanted dirt as well as controls the acne and excess oil. Soul Sisters Moroccan Ghassoul Clay is 100% natural and contains no parabens, fragrances or additives.

SOUL SISTERS Moroccan Ghassoul Clay

Soul Sisters Moroccan Ghassoul Clay is suitable for all skin types. This is a type of clay that is not harsh and overly drying the skin, and it is quite gentle to the skin. Some clays tend to be harsh and overly drying for certain skin types but Ghassoul clay is very gentle which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. However, I would advised you to do a patch test first before using this mask if you do have a sensitive skin. Ghassoul clay has a high negative charge which helps draw out all your skin’s impurities, excess oil and blackheads, that’s why this clay can be used on a daily basis as a substitute for facial soap as it gently cleanses the skin without being overly harsh or stripping it from the good oils.

How do I prepare my facial mask using Soul Sisters Moroccan Ghassoul Clay? The preparation is pretty simple. Basically, all clay masks need to be prepared using non-metal instruments because metal can affect the benefits of the clay. We can use any plastic, wood or glass instruments to make your clay mask. Scoop 2 teaspoons of clay powder into a bowl and add lukewarm water to it. It is better to add the water slowly and not all at once in order to ensure that the mixture is not too liquid. Carefully mix the clay with water until a soft homogeneous consistency is obtained. Apply to your skin and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes or clay starts to dry out and your skin feels tight you can rinse it off with warm water and pat your skin dry. For added benefits add Soul Sisters Rose Water for a natural detoxifying facial or anti inflammatory benefits. It can also be added with Argan Oil for a more hydrating finish.

SOUL SISTERS Moroccan Ghassoul Clay


After using this Soul Sisters Moroccan Ghassoul Clay for some times now, I noticed that my skin has been quite smooth and hydrated. It does give my skin with redness or breakouts. I think it is a good product because I can also use this as deep facial cleanser. I have a combination skin which is prone to acne, and I can say that this Soul Sisters Moroccan Ghassoul Clay actually helps to diminish the appearance of acne scars. Nevertheless, it helps to brighten up my skin. So, I find this product is actually worth to invest especially when you need something that is really good to your skin. Some beauty bloggers suggested that I should try applying on my whole body and hair because this Ghassoul Clay have been proven to give benefits. I haven’t tried it yet but will definitely mix it with my favourite hair shampoo soon. As for the price, I would say it is generally affordable.

SOUL SISTERS Moroccan Ghassoul Clay



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