Dayve Tried: Modern Jamu – Jus Seri Lady

Jus Seri Lady

For those who are wondering what Jamu is, this Jamu is actually a traditional Indonesian medicine brew made of herbs and spices, and this traditional medicine has been with passed down for thousands of years. Jamu comes in many types and has been made available all over Asian countries. This traditional Jamu is still popular among the rural communities because of the health benefits.

Jus Seri Lady

In today’s hectic lifestyle, we often forgot to take care of our health. I admit that I usually forgot to take care of my health as there are tons of commitments. Let’s talk about having a sachet of Jamu that is super easy for busy working ladies and mummies to enjoy the benefits of Jamu. It can be consumed anywhere.

Jus Seri Lady

Introducing Jus Seri Lady, it is a modern jamu made specially for women. It is packed in a portable sachet so that you can taste the mango flavoured Jamu straight from the pack. Jus Seri Lady helps to elevate a woman’s inner wellness and promise to help bring back that unforgettable magic of your first night.

Jus Seri Lady

Jus Seri Lady contains natural ingredients such as Garcinia Cambogia, African Mango, Melon, Daun Serapat, Manjakani, Green Tea, Fish Collagen, and White Yam. Jus Seri Lady is a modernised, sweet tasting Jamu. So say goodbye to those strong smelling, pungent and bitter Jamu.⁣

Jus Seri Lady has the following benefits for health:

  • Control appetite
  • Burns fat & help to lose weight
  • Reinstate women’s inner and outer energy
  • Treats uneven skin tone
  • Firms, perks up Bust & Back
  • Gives energy & Vitality
  • Tighten and aid a healthier miss V
  • Eliminate menstrual cramps and helps to regulate the menstrual cycle
  • Help in Digestion and bowel system
  • Eliminate excessive white discharge
  • Helps in attaining translucent and youthful skin
  • Balance a women hormonal system & encourage smooth blood flow
  • Best confinement supplement.

Jus Seri Lady is suitable for Married Women, Single Women, Teenage girls in puberty, and also Women in menopause.

Jus Seri Lady

I have been taking this Jus Seri Lady for almost a month now, and I do notice that my skin has improved – brightened, and toned up. It is a good supplement for women who want to look great and feel fabulous! I usually consume one sachet every morning before breakfast. No need to drink water as it is really delicious. It gives me the energy for the whole day.  One box contains 30 sachets, enough for a month! Definitely going to buy again soon!


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