Dayve Tried: FANBO Gold Eye Brow Pencil

FANBO GOLD Eyebrow Pencil

Do you use eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrows look ‘on fleek’? Do we really need eyebrow pencil to draw a perfect eyebrows? There are tons of eyebrows make-up to choose from – Gel, Powders, and Pencil. To me, an eyebrow pencil is a good choice to lightly fill in the sparse places and to enhance the visibility of the existing shape of my eyebrows. I’m not into powders as they do not do much on my thin and sparse brows. I usually leave some patchy areas.

Looking for a perfect eyebrow pencil can be quite challenging as some pencils can be harsh to the skin, or not so waxy. Today, I would love to share my personal experience with FANBO, an Indonesian brand which has garnered interest in the international markets.

FANBO Gold Eyebrow Pencil

FANBO Gold Eye Brow Pencil helps to reinforce the eyebrow shape. In fact, the formula is soft and waterproof so it displays natural eyebrow shape, more durable and does not easily fade. I like using this eyebrow pencil as its’ waxy texture offers a fantastic hold and adds definition and color to the brows. It comes up in two (2) colours – black and brown. The brown shade is not too warm or ashy, and it does give a natural defined shape. While this shade actually works for me, I do think there should more options for those with lighter (coloured / dyed) hair.

FANBO GOLD Eyebrow Pencil

FANBO Gold Eye Brow Pencil offers at a very affordable price, suit to your budget.  The application is also easy as I can easily brow my hairs seamlessly. It is better to brush out the strokes a little more so there is no harsh line in the inner corner of the brows.

FANBO GOLD Eyebrow Pencil

FANBO Gold Eye Brow Pencil is definitely an ideal for creating bolder brows that does not budge until you’re ready to wash your face at the end of the day. It is a great pencil that does not burn a hole in the pocket!

FANBO GOLD Eyebrow Pencil


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