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Dayve Tried: Face Republic Pureprep Trio

There are times when my skin cannot tolerate with tons of skincare products, and I admit that my skin is prone to breakouts and dehydration. In fact, before starting a new skincare products, I have to reset my skin through cleansing every single impurities that might have been ‘staying’ deep inside the pores. In other words, I have to get skincare products that have been designed to reset my skin. Lucky that The Face Republic has produced a new set of skincare products that based on the feedback received from beauty influencers and dermatologists.

Last week, I got myself this Face Republic’s new skincare products – in set (RP: MYR 119.70)! It comes in 3 – Mild Cleansing Water, PH-Balancing Toner, and AHA/BHA Toner. The Face Republic Purepre Trio is a clean, customizable and compatible skincare routine without any alcohol, paraben, benzophenone, chlorphenesin or fragrance. All of the products can cater all skin types, including sensitive ones – perfect to start with healthy skin journey! #SkincareResolutions

Face Republic Mild Cleansing Water

Let’s start with Face Republic Mild Cleansing Water (160ml) which can also be bought for MYR 29.90. It is claimed to be a gentle cleanser that preps the skin by cleansing makeup residues, dirts, and excess oils on cleaning or double cleansing routine. It removes breakouts causing dirt and oils without irritating the skin and eyes. This cleansing water contains antioxidants such as Glycine Soja Extract, Soy Seed Extract and Vitamin E which helps to protect the skin from anti-radicals that gets in the way of collagen production. Besides, it has panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) that draws water into the skin and holds onto it making the skin moisturised.

Literally, this cleansing water has no scent and it just feels like water. It does work on removing makeup residues, dirts and excess oils without leaving the skin overly dried. I do feel my skin is hydrated. There’s no irritation upon using this cleansing water. However, this does not remove waterproof mascara, I had to use eye makeup remover.

Face Republic PH-Balancing Toner

Here’s another skin prep that work to restoring the skin’s natural balance without stripping away natural oils. It comes in a 160ml bottle tagged at MYR 39.90. This toner is said to be suitable for dry, oily, and sensitive skin. This toner contains allantoin which is a gentle ingredient for sensitive skin which soothes and reduces skin irritation. This toner claims to exfoliates with citric acid, which gently lifts off dead skin, leaving only a clean, smooth, and fresh skin.

I have been using this for my evening skincare routine because I wanted to try how it works on my skin especially when the skin is resting and repairing. While it is too early to say this but I just noticed it reduces the appearance of my pores, and hydrates my skin. It also helps to reduce redness and brighten my skin.

Face Republic AHA/BHA Toner

Salicylic acid has a gold standard for treating problem skin and Lactobionic acid, on the other hand, is the next generation of AHA that gently exfoliates the skin without irritating the skin. This 160ml skin clearing toner is tagged at MYR 49.90. It helps to strip away dull and rough skin with its sodium hyaluronate that gives the skin that plump and elastic feel, while its Vitamin E functions as antioxidants that protects the skin from nasty free-radicals and against UVB rays.

Unlike other toners which I tried before, this toner is unscented and non-sticky. It has water consistency. It is so gentle that I do not mind using this on daily basis. It does exfoliates dead skin cells without being harsh to the skin.


All of these products are super gentle to my skin. Never once I feel that tingling and irritation. It just leave my skin with suppleness, freshness, and hydration. The price is also pretty affordable considering Face Republic is all about minimalist skincare designed for Malaysian skin and lifestyle needs. Definitely going to grab this again! Be sure to check my other reviews on Face Republic products – because I am a real fan of this brand! The Face Republic Pureprep Trio is now available on Lazada, Shopee, and Hermo. This great skincare products are also available on selected Guardian stores starting August 2020.


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