Dayve Recommends: 5 Shopee Live to Watch and Follow

Shopee Live is a channel that lets sellers to host their own interactive livestream sessions to promote their shop and products directly to the shoppers – us. What’s so special about Shopee Live? One thing that I like about this live-streaming that I can interact with the sellers via chat in real-time to find out more about their products, and purchase them directly while watching the livestream. Besides, I can befriend with the other shoppers and follow their discussions in realtime.

I have been watching and following some of these Shopee Live, and these are 5 of my favourite ones because they offer good customer service, and the items that they sold are great, too! Price? Very affordable! is a livestream channel focuses on selling apparels range from second hand (bundle) items from Japan, and also brand new items. The do live streaming every day, and schedule when to do bundle and brand new. Don’t worry. They will inform which one is new, and second-hand items. has 4 pretty ladies that will entertain you while they do their live streaming. Be careful not to hit the hammer (tukul) when you don’t intend to buy, or cancel after hitting the hammer. It is advisable to reply with DSS (Done Screen Shot) as fast as you can, and chat with them or some other buyers are going ‘steal’ it.

I love watching Shopee LIVE because it is really entertaining. They offer Free Shipping for every 10,000 spam likes, and lots of offers. The sellers are really friendly, too. The usual ‘tarts’ are friendly, too. Just don’t become joy buyer, you might not want to end up getting famous on their chat later.

Be sure to follow Nicole, Noelle, Nikki and Natasha on Shopee LIVE. Check out their Instagram for find their schedule.

LIVE schedule:
•Monday, Wednesday & Friday – 9.30am – 10.00pm
•Tuesday & Thursday – 1.30pm – 10.00pm
•Saturday & Sunday – 9.30am – 5.30pm


JEC Clothing

JEC Clothing is another online seller who sells nice apparels on Shopee LIVE. MeiMei also has premium second-hand (bundle) blazer which you might want to see, as they are sold at a very affordable price – RM10!

MeiMei is a friendly seller that can converse with her customers, and she will tell you with a smile on her face. You can also collect coins which you can redeem when shopping on Shopee later.


Melody®Fashion Jewelry Store

Melody®Fashion Jewelry Store has tons of accessories available in their online shop. It’s easy to shop with their live streaming channel. Just chat with them which accessories that you would like to see, and if you like that necklace, just screen shot and chat with the seller.

All accessories are very cheap, and stylish, too! They will deliver your order once you have made the payment. Check out their Shopee Live!


Love this bubbly seller so much that I really enjoyed watching her live streaming. Most of her customers come from Sabah and Sarawak, and the best thing about this seller, she sell second-hand (bundle) items all the way from Japan. She has tons of vintage and nice dresses which you can’t resist to buy.

Can’t wait to get my vintage dresses from moccha.c0 soon!

Gerobok Fashionista

Gerobok Fashionista is another my favourite Shopee Live to watch. This shop has tons of vintage blazers and blouses to offer – simply irresistible. This is a good place for you to find premium quality of knitwear, cardigan, blouses and blazer at a very affordable prices.

Do you have any other Shopee Live shops to recommend? Just drop a comment below. I would love to know your favourite Shopee Live, too!

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