Dayve Rampas
Dayve Rampas

Cold Thursday

It’s still raining outside and hubby still asleep. I wake up and make breakfast for us. I’ve decided to stay at home today as I’ve done with the works in the office. Dad has asked me to get ample of rest as I had a few OT last week. While waiting for hubby to get ready, I’m watching this funny Andy Griffith’s Play The Game. A very funny movie about the ego between man and woman.
A few slices of Pandan Pudding Cake, and a glass of fresh orange juice for breakfast. It’s pretty cold outside, anyway. Hubby has asked me to make Chicken Soup for dinner. It feels so nice to cook for hubby. It makes me happy when he had 2 bowls of rice last evening. I’m going to make Chicken Soup, and Vegetarian Shrimp for dinner later.

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