Elizavecca Power Ringer Mask Pack

Challenge: 10-Day Mask Challenge with Elizavecca Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack from BB Cosmetic

How often do you use a face mask? Most of us do not have consistent mask routine the way we do with cleansers and moisturizer. I actually posted my daily mask routine on Instagram last year until I read a comment on SNS a few months ago that using a face mask on frequent basis (daily, to be exact) can enlarge the pores and not a ‘very good’ thing for the skin. The person did not mention my name (I assumed she was referring to someone else), though. LOL! However, having a consistent mask routine can actually make a big different to your complexion. Wanna know why? Read my post about my 10-day mask challenge.

One of the beauty secrets shared by Korean women is their addiction on sheet mask. Many Korean women use sheet masks on a daily basis to maintain a healthy and youthful skin. They do not simply use it only when they have skin problems like acne or uneven skin tone. It is a strict skincare regimen which lead to a more noticeable result. In fact, more and more beauty brands in Korean have even created a 10-day masking set in order to make mask routine a lot easier, fun, and more convenient. You might want to know what I have gotten myself into lately.

Elizavecca Power Ringer Mask Pack

I actually received a pack of 10-day masking set from BB Cosmetic a few weeks ago, and I only got this time to make a review as I was busy working on with my fitness challenge with another brand. Let’s talk about BB Cosmetic first. BB Cosmetic is another Korean beauty online shop which you should drop by because it offers free shipping to all over the world. They have more than 100+ Korean brands which you may not get in your country, well, there are plenty of never heard brands which are quite very famous among the Koreans. You may want to check out the brand list here.

What I got from BB Cosmetic? I got a 10-day Elizavecca Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack. The mask pack includes 10 different types of mask which I will be using every night for 10 days consecutively. The 10-day masking set can be bought from BB Cosmetic for $11.03. I find the 10-day pack is rather affordable because Elizavecca is quite a famous brand because its great products.

Elizavecca Power Ringer Mask Pack

I’ve decided to give myself a challenge for 10 days, starting tonight (26/10/2016) until next Saturday (5/11/2016). I will be updating my progress on my Instagram during this challenge. I will only post full review on this blog after the completion of my 10-day beauty challenge with Elizavecca Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack.

If you’re currently looking for authentic Korean products, you can actually buy them all from BB Cosmetic. You can also use this coupon code during check out to get an 8% discount! Just copy this code ‘NAW9HU9YFPYXM‘ and paste it when you check out at BB Cosmetic.


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