Dayve Rampas
Dayve Rampas

Challenge: 10-Day Mask Challenge with Elizavecca Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack from BB Cosmetic (Progress)

It has been 5 days since I started my 10-day Mask Challenge with Elizavecca Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack which I got from BB Cosmetic. The objective of this challenge is to find out what a mask can do to the skin after 10 days of using it. The condition is to put on a mask every day for 10 consecutive days, and to take a selfie before starting this mask challenge and also a selfie after the 10th day. I have also listed down some of the mask which I used so far and what I think about the mask. Read more to find about it.

Day 1/10: Elizavecca Aqua Deep Power Ringer Mask

I started the mask challenge with Aqua Deep Power Ringer Mask because my skin was having severe breakouts, and dark spots. I also experienced rashes all over my cheek and chin. I looked quite ‘old’ with that dull skin. This Elizavecca Aqua Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack has a whitening functionality that supply ample moisture to dry skin to promote a moist and smooth skin. This mask is suitable for tired skin because the collagen and pomegranate extract give a healthy and younger looking skin. This mask also contains natural moisturizing factor (N.M.F), hyaluronic acid, and Xylitol which are said to be great for refreshing the skin. Its hyaluronic acid has high water attracting and retaining ability and stays on both sides of the skin to relieve stress and roughness of the skin.

Day 2/10: Elizavecca EGF Deep Power Ringer Mask

Elizavecca EGF Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack contains protein, and amino acids such as Bird’s nest which gives the skin with enough nutrition, promoting a smooth and moist skin. This mask also improve the skin condition by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and improve skin elasticity. This is a perfect booster mask to help your skin recharge and repair damage. It was cool, calming and really relaxed some fine lines and dark spots. This concentrated mask promotes skin recovery by boosting elasticity and moisture levels with its cotton sheets drenched in a nutrient-rich essence. This mask provides care for rough and dry skin that has been exposed to or damaged by harmful environmental stressors and natural aging.

Day 3/10: Elizavecca Fruit Deep Power Ringer Mask

Elizavecca Vita Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack supply intensive moisturizing effects to the skin through its Vitamin C and various fruits and vegetables extracts. It gives the skin with lustre and moisturized look. It also strengthen the skin inner layer to give enough nutrition for a healthy skin. The derivative Vitamin C derivative brightens up the skin and gives protection from external noxious substances. Its ultra rich moisturizing solution fast absorbed into skin and controlling the moisture balance for dry skin.

Day 4/10: Elizavecca Tea Tree Deep Power Ringer Mask

Elizavecca Tea Tree Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack contains tea tree which soothes the skin due to harsh environment condition. This mask provides the skin with ceramide, lotus, and iris extracts to strengthen the skin barrier. It delivers intensive care and removes blackheads and dirt sealed on clogged pores. It will leave the skin cool and refreshed. Edelweiss petal extract to protect the skin from harmful environment by forming a protective layer. This mask helps control sebum secretion as well as soothes dry and irritated skin.

Day 5/10: Elizavecca Vita Deep Power Ringer Mask

Elizavecca Fruit Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack is an excellent pore-caring mask which remove dead skin cells with its fruits oil. It penetrates deep into the pores to treat the formation of blackheads by cleansing the pores.

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