Bookurve: A Malaysian Online Bookstore By Book Lovers For Readers

It can be difficult when we need to find a nice book to read because there are gazillion books available on the bookshelves. Besides, it’s time-consuming to read the reviews because some of these reviewers might not like the genres that we loved so much. I recently stumbled into an online bookstore which I would like to share with you because most of the books are recommended by readers. It’s a place where only recommended books are sold, which I find it’s more convenient because I no longer have to read books which I would regret because of what I called as ‘not my cup of tea’.

Bookurve is a Malaysia Online Bookstore based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. It’s an online platform for readers to discover books recommended by other readers. Basically, Bookurve has the largest selection of books in English, Malay, and Chinese languages. Bookurve was founded in 2012 by Teoh Lian Shen and Hossein Arabi, and its database includes more than 1,500 books and the numbers keep increasing.


Why Bookurve? Bookurve’s database of books includes Chinese titles and books for the kids. It has the most convenient way to search for the title of the book or the author. Besides, the bookstore provides an option to sell your used book through the marketplace available on the website by which you can earn some points. The best features about Bookurve are through its interactivity as users can easily browse through the most popular books by location, and the ability to source books from different distributors to deliver the books to customer in 2-3 weeks. In fact, Bookurve has managed to achieve more than 10,000 purchases because of its free delivery all over Malaysia and due to its reasonable pricing.


Why I Choose Bookurve? Bookurve is a nice online platform because it makes my job as a parent a lot more easier as I can simply buy books for my kids because the books are recommended by other book lovers. I no longer have the worries that I might choose a wrong book for my kids. Apart from that, I can easily find the books which I saw from Goodreads, the trending books, and what’s currently popular among book lovers. I find most of the books at Bookurve are sold at reasonable price plus a free delivery which I find it’s so tempting. I no longer need to rush to the bookstore and then deal with the hassle of finding a parking space just to buy a book. I can finally shop for books without even going out from the office, and multi-tasking. No more rushing. Just the sense of convenience at the fingertips.


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