Books: Grab These 2 Free Books from Starbuck O’Dwyer (Ends 31/03/2016)

Books: Grab These 2 Free Books from Starbuck O’Dwyer (Ends 31/03/2016)

I love reading so much that I usually bring my iPad anywhere because I hate waiting especially when I’m in the bank or clinic. There are actually some good books which I would really love to share with you, and they are free for a limited time only. Starbuck O’Dwyer is one of my favourite authors and he has sent me an email just a few days ago that he would love to share his books with others. Want to grab some books for free? 

About Starbuck O’Dwyer

Starbuck O’Dwyer, a native of Rochester, NY and a graduate of Princeton, Oxford and Cornell, writes novels, essays, short stories, screenplays and music under his given middle name. His critically-acclaimed novel, Red Meat Cures Cancer (Random House/Vintage Books), was a featured selection of the 2007 One Book One Vancouver reading program and won two national writing awards for humor. His writing, which has been described as “comic genius” by Kirkus Reviews, has been published in forums as diverse as Entertainment Weekly, Flaunt, Toro, Japanophile, The Journal News, PW Daily, and the Boston Globe, and he has also appeared on over 350 radio and television programs including guest spots on ESPN, WGN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, Voice of America and NPR. His collection of stories, How To Raise A Good Kid, was a finalist in the 2012 Indie Reader Discovery Awards (parenting) and a finalist in the 2011 Book of the Year Awards (essays, humor) sponsored by ForeWord Reviews. Similarly, his novel, Goliath Gets Up, was also a finalist in the 2012 Indie Reader Discovery Awards in the humor category and has recently been released in China in both simplified and traditional Chinese. In addition, songs that O’Dwyer composed have been licensed for television by both the Telemundo and Country Music Television networks and featured in several of their shows.

Free Books

Goliath Gets Up - A Novel
Goliath Gets Up

What Makes Someone Great? For David Horvath, life hasn’t turned out exactly as planned. At 39, he’s single, unemployed and living with his grandmother, Beatie, in Rochester, New York. Although most of his days are spent drinking at a downtown bar with a group of fellow outcasts, he still clings tightly to the belief that he will achieve greatness, just as his late mother predicted. The problem is he can’t figure out how.

David doesn’t realize it, but when Beatie tells him she’s ready to die and wants his help, it’s a blessing in disguise. For this request inspires David to try to change Beatie’s mind by bringing the Academy Awards to Rochester; and puts in motion a plan to revive her spirits, his city and the lives of all those who live there. Along the way, he battles self-doubt, loneliness and Cornelia Candee, Rochester’s evil mayor, who tries to steal his idea about the Oscars and use it as a way to turn the city’s historic High Falls into a waterslide park.

Acknowledging the inevitable gap between our dreams and the reality of our lives, Goliath Gets Up examines the journey we take trying to bridge that gap and make a difference in the world. What makes someone great? Come along with David and find out.

Goliath Gets Up. Goliath is available for free download in the format of your choice from via a coupon code, There is a free simple registration process at the site and the code number to use is SA69L for your free purchase. This code is good through March 31, 2016 so please download soon.

How To Raise A Good Kid
How To Raise A Good Kid

Essential reading for every parent, How To Raise A Good Kid is a collection of 23 hilarious, honest and heartfelt stories about growing up and raising children that help parents teach lessons about core values such as faith, honesty, courage, hard work, perseverance and love. Guaranteed to make you laugh, each story is authentic, universal in theme and perfectly suited to serve as a conversation starter for parents trying to instill in their kids the importance of integrity and character and for purposes of discussing important topics such as bullying, prejudice, first love and many others. How To Raise A Good Kid is highly entertaining and meaningful and one of the best books about successfully navigating the challenges of childhood that you will ever find.

How to Raise a Good  Kid. This was a best parenting book finalist in the 2012 Indie Reader Discovery Awards and a humor book of the year finalist in the ForeWord Reviews book awards. That code number for free downloading is QN36G and it is also good through March 31, 2016. Start downloading this great book from

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