Book: Rolf Dobelli – The Art of Thinking Clearly

Book: Rolf Dobelli – The Art of Thinking Clearly

It’s been hectic this month as school has started and I need to wake up early to make sure my kids don’t late for their school. I feel exhausted but I need to be positive all the time. Keeping myself motivated by telling myself that I can burn more calories. LOL! Sound lame but that’s how I need to support myself from being down. Anyway, today’s post is about a book that I have just finished reading. It’s a great book.

I bought this book from MPH online as it was on sale. The book is all about anecdotal evidence that support the common fallacies in logical thinking. Dobelli uses a direct approach to explain the 99 human cognitive behaviors, and this book has some very interesting anecdotes. Each chapter provides an overview of the bias, and relevant scientific studies (unfortunately some are plagiarized). The author also has a few words of advice on the matters.


I must say that the book is influenced by Nassim Taleb’s writings. Taleb is quite famous for his The Black Swan (you should read this one). Anyway, I’d say that Dobelli’s approach in this book is very clear and you would love to start applying the lessons you learn at once. In short, this is a quite fantastic book.

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