Book Review: The Future of God: A Practical Approach to Spirituality in Our Times by Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra - The Future of God

The author is a Buddhist, and you might be wondering why would a Christian like me would rather interested to indulge with this book? This book is not literally about the future of any Gods. This book is all about the future of the faith, religion and the existence of human beings as we are now living in a modern world with an old-cock perspectives that define the religion and faith.

In my opinion, the spiritual is the translation of the language of our own life philosophy which is toward our own individual happiness. The Future of God gives something for me to think about as I am aware that I am getting away – far away – from the path which I have been living for more than 30 years. Although I do find this book is a bit ‘throwing stones’ at those non-believers, I also found a fascinating concept that requires us to willingly transform ourselves to accept our inherent divinity and power.

Deepak, undoubtedly, speaks about faith in God that would lead us to wise decisions – more towards to respect a higher consciousness that is a pillar for ‘right thinking’. In fact, the spiritual core that prevent us from eroding our own moral imperatives, for instance, lying is not fine. The author is just like the rest of us – a mortal being who is deemed for mistakes.

The Future of God is ‘no delusions’, just an open mind. ‘There is only God. The universe is God made manifest.’

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