Book: Rachel Wojo – One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up

One More Step

Life can be so cruel and unfair that we usually end up blaming people for the things that happened. Some people around us can be very judgmental that they usually based on their assumptions, thinking that they know better than others. It’s really hard to keep life afloat when everything goes wrong. We are living in a world where faking a smile means stronger – a trend which is quite tragic because it only means isolating one’s life.



Life often sends hard things our way: illness, financial struggles, broken relationships, and so many kinds of loss. Sometimes we can’t imagine a way forward. How do we keep going when everything is going wrong? Rachel Wojo has learned that hope rises to greet us when we find the strength to take One More Step.


Like you, Rachel has faced experiences that crushed her dreams of the perfect life: a failing marriage, a daughter’s heartbreaking diagnosis, and more. In this book she transparently shares her pain and empathizes with yours, then points you to the path of God’s Word, where you’ll find hope to carry you forward. One More Step gives you permission to ache freely—and helps you believe that life won’t always be this hard. No matter the circumstances you face, through these pages you’ll learn to…

  • run to God’s Word when discouragement strikes,
  • replace feelings of despair with the truth of Scripture,
  • persevere through out-of-control circumstances and gain a more intimate relationship with Jesus.


Rachel identifies the reasons you may tempted to quit and shows you where to find the courage to keep going, one step at a time. You’re not alone. So don’t give up. God won’t let you down. That’s a promise.

What I Say

If you’re thinking you’re suffering because of your financial burdens, here’s a book which can make you think again. For people who are looking for encouragement, this is a book which they should grab. Those who were losing faith in hope and God, this is the book which you should read. Rachel Wojo’s One More Step offers tools for finding strength to face unwanted challenges as she shares many personal stories, and how she found the strength to get through trials like divorce, her daughter’s terminal illness, and dealing with miscarriage.

I love that each chapter ends with meaningful Scripture verses and exercises to apply the themes and steps discussed in the chapter. The part I loved the most is most of the topics were very relatable for me. When doubt, choose God. This book is worth reading.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in return for an honest review.

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