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I love reading novel sometimes, only after I’ve done with reading some ‘reality’ books because too much reading fictions would turn us into a bunch of people with unrealistic goal. Well, for example, you’re looking for somebody who’s perfect (handsome, romantic, and rich). Anyway, since I joined Goodreads’ book challenge, I have decided to read 100 books within a year. It’s one of my personal goal to be accomplished this year. Today’s post is all about Portia Moore’s If I Break trilogy. Gosh, I love all her writings because I find it’s not your usual 50 Shades of Grey.

What They Say

Portia Moore If I Break

#1 – If I Break

This is not your typical happily ever after… Lauren Brooks wants to do three things: Escape the small town she grew up in, get accepted to her dream school in Chicago, and graduate without drowning in debt. Now she’s working her ass off to do just that.

With a full course load and a waitressing job at one of the hottest night clubs in Chicago, she does not have time for distractions; namely ones who only want to get into her pants. She’s been burned before. Only a fool goes for a second round.. With just two semesters left until graduation, everything’s on track. Until she meets Cal. Enter distraction. At six-foot-two, with ebony hair, deep grey eyes, and a smile that could only hide an agenda, she knows he’s trouble. And for the first time in her life, a little trouble might be just what she needs.

Not what she wants. It isn’t like she’d ever marry the guy. Until she does. What she thinks will be her happily ever after, is only the beginning. Cal has a secret. One that makes loving him come with a price, and being his wife cost more than she bargained for.

Portia Moore Before I Break

#1.5 – Before I Break

Out of the past six years of my life, I only remember about half of it. After a dozen doctors and thousands in medical bills, I was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder–one that causes me to lose track of time. Sometimes it’s hours, days or even weeks with no recollection of anything. The good thing is it’s been almost two years since I had my last ‘black out’. It sounds much better than what the doctors refer to them as, ‘episodes’, like my life is a freakin’ comedy.

During those two years of normal, I finally managed to get my Bachelor’s degree, a job I love, and I’ve just proposed to a woman who has been there for me through it all. For the first time in a long time everything is on track.

Until a strange woman shows up at my door—she says I’m her husband and I think she’s crazy. Until, I get a voice mail on my phone. It’s from a guy name Cal. The weird part is, it’s the same name the strange woman called me. What terrifies me, is this guy Cal… his voice sounds just like mine.

Portia Moore Almost Broken

#2 – Almost Broken

Lauren Brooks fell in love with Cal Scott at 21, married him at 22 and had her heart broken at 23 when he walked out of their marriage. At 25, though raising his daughter on her own, Lauren was finally moving on with her life. Until, she learned the reason for Cal’s abandonment, the walls she’d carefully built around her collapsed..

The day she meets Chris, all those feelings she thought she had bottled up come spilling out. She can’t afford to give into her heart’s desire again. Love nearly broke her once, and her daughter doesn’t need two broken parents.

Christopher Scott is in love, newly engaged to Jenna, who saw him through an illness he didn’t think he could survive. He’s finally settling into the life he’s always wanted, making plans he only dared to dream before now.

Until, a woman named Lauren arrives on his doorstep. She’s intriguing, beautiful and, try as he might, he can’t stay away. The closer he gets to her, the more his rock-solid plans begin to crumble. All he knows is that Lauren is the missing piece to a puzzle he must solve. For him to put all the pieces in place, he’ll have to follow his heart, and that might cost him everything…

Portia Moore Beautifully Broken

#3 – Beautifully Broken

The conclusion to the If I Break Series. Cal’s back and his arrival changes everything. Lauren knew it was coming but what she didn’t think he’d bring with him was an ultimatum. A choice. One that Lauren feels trapped under. A choice she’s unsure will make a difference but could possibly change everything.

The ultimatum isn’t the only thing Cal’s got with him but answers. The ones Lauren so desperately craves. But the truth won’t only affect the lives of he and Lauren but everyone around them… and not everyone wants the truth to come out.

The good thing is Cal doesn’t give a F…

…There’s two sides to every story. In this one there’s three.

What I Say

Portia Moore’s If I Break trilogy is about Lauren Brooks, and Cal. They met, fell in love, and got married. There’s one thing that always keep on bugging Lauren, Cal always disappeared without warning. Lauren first thought Cal was having affairs but then she found out that Cal is suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personalities). Sometimes, I find Cal’s attitude is similar to Korean Hyun-bin’s character in Hyde, Jekyll, Me (하이드 지킬). At least, the ending always reached to a ‘co-operation’ between other personalities.

There are 4 books in this series: If I Break, Before I Break, Almost Broken, and Beautifully Broken. I admit that the first book is quite a cliff hanger, and a little bit monotone. The second, and third books are the best because the story offers both Cal, and Lauren’s perspectives. The story is full of ‘heart stabbing’ moments because Lauren has to be stronger even though she’s totally broken. The ending is really full of satisfaction even though the plot can be quite confusing as Cal has more than two personalities.

So far, If I Break trilogy is indeed has a good plot even though there’s a few things that I find quite boring especially the timeline which happened to be back and forth. I still enjoy reading the trilogy, though. Very refreshing because I really hate to read the same old plot about romance, love, or lust. Anyway, a man named Cal does exist but having the similar personality all in one package doesn’t exist, at all. Unfortunately.

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