Book: Loving Lauren by Jill Sanders

My Goodreads friend has recently recommends me to read a chick-lit book after she thought I’ve been reading too much ‘serious’ issues, and she found out that I’m still behind my target (Yeah, we do have reading challenge on Goodreads). So, I went to Smashwords to download some of the books. You can get the books for free, free e-book to be exact. Thanks, Sienna. I owe you a book now. 

If you like to read romance novel then you know what to expect from this kind of genre. Jill Sanders’ Loving Lauren is about a stubborn young lady who lost both of her parents, and she has to be the breadwinner to the family especially when she later found out that her father made a loan agreement with his best friend (who is also her best friend’s father). Chase (her best friend a.k.a crush) offered her an unexpected offer to free her from the financial obligation with a condition that Lauren has to agree to get married with Chase. Lauren agreed to the offer because she wanted to save the ranch which has been passed down for generations. Since Chase went to college, and didn’t plan to return, then Lauren decided to pay the money which she ‘borrowed’ and appeal for annulment. The drama started when Chase returned to the ranch, and all Lauren’s plans didn’t work.


Loving Lauren is indeed a nice chick lit, and I love the characters in this story. Moreover, I find the relationship between Chase and Lauren is rather sweet. The only thing that makes me still wonder is whether or not Chase’s father knew that his son has settled with Lauren. I admit I’ve fallen in love with Chase’s abs. LOL! Kudos, Jill!

I’m currently reading another Jill Sanders’ book. Might write a review soon. Good night!

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