Book: Last Resort (Grayton Series Book 1) – Jill Sanders

Here’s another book written by Jill Sanders which I’ve just finished reading this morning. LOL! I must say that it was an interesting book to read but I’d prefer Loving Lauren more because I loved the stubborn character a lot. Anyway, Last Resort still a nice chick lit novel to read as I found some ‘laughable’ parts. It’s an adult romance novel, and you can expect it’s like a ’50 Shades of Grey’ thingy. Readers will definitely enjoy this book.

The story is about Cassey who meets Luke in her office. Luke’s father owns a hotel, and he’s trying to buy out Cassey’s property. He sends his son, Luke, to negotiate and persuade Cassey to sell off her property after all of his other staff fail to complete the task. Luke falls in love with Cassey, infatuation actually, and both of them keep their physical relationship. No strings attached. However, they become fond to each others, and finally fall deeply in love. Luke father is furious upon knowing his only living son (he has another son but died in an accident) is fooling him around especially when Luke is building another hotel using his inheritance in which is personally granted by Luke’s grandfather. Cassey, on the other hand, has a trust issue and is quite a reserved one. She rarely opens her heart to other people due to her childhood experience. Cassey is later adopted by her foster family together with 3 other brothers and an eldest sister. Cassey’s life is blessed as she has a very supportive family especially her brothers are always there to support her. Cassey has to dealt with Luke’s father and often hard to trust Luke because she’s having a relationship with her enemy’s son. The ending is quite nice – All’s well that ends well!

Jill is quite talented in her writing, and I loved it when I can even imagined what the characters looked like. I’m going to read another book by Jill later. Yes. Jill is indeed a great author!

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