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Happy New Year, lovelies! I hope you have a wonderful one today. I woke up earlier today as we’re going back to the hometown later. I’ve been wanting to share with you why I started blogging (and why you should blog, too!). I’ve been blogging to many years, ever since I was 16 years old. I blogged for myself because I was lack of confidence with my English. I met other bloggers and we shared a lot including vocabulary. Later, I started to write about things that happened around me, usually the complaining ones until one day my Uncle said I should blog to earn money. I didn’t believe that I could make money but he told me some bloggers earn thousands for blogging only. That was about 13 years ago. I was still struggling with my first Degree, and it was really hard to get Internet access at the campus.

Blogging can be really quite challenging as you wanted to become a productive one but you still have many things to be done. Blogging means you are expected to do many things including research for articles, design your blog page, testing, and so on. Well, that does not include people who keep saying that your grammar sucks (but they never got themselves writing a blog with the excuse that they are dealing with more serious matters). Anyway, working as a blogger especially when your blog is monetized means you have to work on advertising deals.

Most of the bloggers started from the need to spend some time to interact with other people with the same interest. Blogging can be a lot of fun as well as time consuming. Thus, maintaining a balance between blogging, work, family, and personal time is crucial. You wouldn’t want to argue with your family just because you forgot to cook dinner. If you ask me why I blog, it is because it brings excitement to my life. It’s a discipline which I maintained ever since I started blogging at LiveJournal.

Becoming a professional blogger (I’m not there yet) means you will be carrying all the pressure to consider the consequences from your postings. Sometimes, there is a need to hire extra people to work with you to ensure the timeliness. It’s impossible to run a blog alone when it comes to a certain level. This usually turn into work than fun. More pressures.


Frankly speaking, the most difficult part of being a blogger is staying focused especially when you have kids to look after, or juggling between your work and studies. I never deny the fact that social media can be quite a distraction especially when I need to do research for my blog. I usually spend time searching for the offers on Facebook and Twitter. I also received load of emails from businesses to have their stores, offers, promotions, etc to be reviewed on my blog. Writing takes time, so does reading.

Anyway, I find blogging is better than writing your status on Facebook. Why? You don’t have to end up having your status to be screen captured by some people who are only interested with what’s going on with your life. Plus, blogging gives me the opportunity to express myself, share my experience with my readers, and improve my English (of course!).

I encourage you to start blogging during your past time. It doesn’t mean you need to vent out all your problems, and complaints online but it would be best if you start blogging about what you love, for instance, you might want to write about your favourite Korean drama, albums, vacations, etc. It would be better not to write about your private life. LOL! Let me know if you’re writing about products, I’m glad to be your reader.

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There are a few resources which you can learn, and I would love to recommend you to check out Blogger Babes Blog. It covers the topics that you should know to be a great blogger. I love this place a lot as I learn and exchange ideas with other bloggers who share common interest with mine. It’s a heaven for all bloggers. You know you need a friend when you’re blogging. Be sure to check out the Blogger Babes Success Stories, too! They’re really inspiring!

Till then!

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