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Blogging means you’re building community, you have the urge to contribute something valuable in order to remain relevant. When you blog, your work should be useful to your readers, the people who are looking for information. However, one of the barriers that prevent one from blogging is fear. Fear of rejection, fear of being laughed at, fear of grammatical errors, etc. We fear that people cannot accept us to be part of the blogger community.

I started blogging when I was in high school. I was fear that I might never be able to be part of the community as my English was beyond acceptable. I was lack of confidence back then. I usually had my dictionary next to me whenever I started to blog. I would start drafting in a notebook beforehand because I wanted to do a proofreading. That took my time. Language was my weakness, and it’s still my weakness but I keep on learning despite of being said, “Your English sucks!” by a few people who are generally better than me. I met lots of helpful people a long the way, they helped me with my English. I really thank them for being helpful. If you have no idea where to meet with these great people, remember to always hop on to Blogger Babes Member Directory to befriend with friendly people.

Sometimes, we are fear of getting critiqued for what we blogged. While we put ourself and our creativity on the line, bear in mind that you cannot satisfy everyone. There’s no need to stress out thinking about how you’re going to please everyone. Just write and reach out for people who are looking for information. Remember, always stay stress-free. If you’re looking for a place to start your blog, you can actually get a free blogging platfrom from WordPress. I find it’s way easier to blog using WordPress than Blogspot. You can reach BB eGuide2: Starting a WordPress Blog – A Step by Step Tutorial to learn more about blogging using WordPress.


I love to read other bloggers’ posts, and I learn a lot from how they express themselves. In fact, there are a few bloggers in which I have their link listed on my blog. I also got myself a Bloglovin’ account in which I compile all my favourite blogs so that it’s easier for me to read their posts whenever I got the time to do so. When I first started my blog, I had the fear that nobody would go and read my blog because they are all craps. I was surprised when my chatting friends told me that they enjoyed reading my blog even though I only wrote about what I did in a day. The trick is to keep on writing, and share your blog link on your Facebook, or Twitter. That’s how you can invite people to read your blog. You can learn from this BB eGuide1: 50 Things Your Blog Needs to Attract More Readers.

Fear of inability to focus on other things. Setting a schedule is important once you’ve started yourself writing a blog. In fact, blogging required you to break up the tasks you have to do. You have a lot of work on all day, so balancing your work-life is important. You just don’t need to work on your blog non-stop. You need to set the boundaries so that you can focus on the tasks at hand be productive. Get yourself advice from blogging experts from this Blogger Babes Expert Webinars, too!


During the early days of blogging, we didn’t have the ability to set our posts to appear on a certain date. All posts had to be saved in a diskette (mini floppy disk, LOL!) or folder. I would draft as many posts as I could using Notepad. I always brought along my notebook because I was afraid that I didn’t have something to write on my blog later. You can also set your posts on schedule so that they appear on the day you wanted them to be. Simple. You can also learn how to blog faster without the need of notepad. Be sure to check Blogging Building Blocks eKit 1 : Write Great Blog Posts Fast.

Till then, my friends.

Dayve RampasDayve Rampas

Dayve Rampas

I am a graduate with a BA in Accountancy (Hons.), and have recently graduated with an MA in Business Administration (MBA). I'm currently taking a crash course Diploma in Financial Trading apart from being a candidate for PhD in Business Administration. I love make-ups so much that I took a Professional Diploma in Make-Up Artistry from a local make-up academy, and now, I am a certified professional make-up artist who has been travelling all over North Borneo to make people look prettier. I've been in this industry for nearly 5 years now and even have my own make-up team with my partners - Sylvia, and Janet. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products, and share my experience with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at

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