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I realized that more people are moving from blogging to Instagram or Facebook. So do the businesses. More businesses are depending on what other people post on their Instagram, provided that the Instagram is set in public mode. There’s no point tagging the businesses with private Instagram. It’s fully understandable that some people want to keep their Instagram as private as possible, but wouldn’t it better not to Instagram at all if you wanted to keep your life secluded from public attention or stalkers, perhaps?

In fact, not everybody that follow you on social media are stalkers or friends. They can be either one or both, but the latter one is the worst – pretending to befriend you but they actually have other intentions. Anyway, my topic is not about how to prevent your life being stalked. It’s about how you can make money from using Instagram and blog. This is not a joke. Though it may not make you own an Audi, but this is a simple thing to earn money online.

In fact, Instagram announced in December 2014 that its worldwide users have passed 300 million which outnumber Twitter’s 288 million worldwide users. This has gotten marketers’ attention because their studies indicated that the audience seemed to use Instagram for shopping. With this growing statistics, you can actually make money through your Instagram. 

eBay Enterprise is currently partnering with Curalate, the leading visual commerce platform, to offer the ability to Instagrammers to monetize through Instagram feed and make all images shoppable through the Content Curator. It’s free, and you only need to include Like2Buy link in your Instagram profile. This gives your stalkers a whole new perspective, at least.

You don’t have to re-upload all your Instagram photos on Curalate because once you have your Instagram account connected with Curalate, the system will put your photos into their system tool.You will be prompted to add your unique Like2Buy link to your Instagram profile. After that, you can simply start tagging the photos with the advertiser who sells the product from the list, or just search the product. It’s simple.

Apart from that, Curalate enables you to embed your Instagram photos into your blog. It’s pretty simple because you just need to copy and paste the code into your blog. Here are some of the examples which I have on my Curalate list.


These are just a few of the published photos on my Instagram which I’ve linked with Curalate. You can check more products listed on my Like2Buy page. Keep your private life aside, and start making extra money using your Instagram today.

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