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Blog Detox: Which is more important, intelligence or wisdom?

It is easier for a wise person to gain knowledge than for a smart person to gain judgment because being smart or intelligent is a process of learning while being wise is a result from experience gained. Having intelligence means possessing the ability of problem-solving, observation, learning, and to keep aware of the surroundings.

While intelligence can be a great tool, but I would prefer to have wisdom as wise people are more balanced, resourceful, and ‘futuristic’. Wise people usually listen and pay more attention to what others are saying or commenting. Intelligence talks while wisdom listens.

We need wise leaders to understand the importance of focus, presence and self discipline. Wisdom inspires flexible versatility while intelligence only gives specific utility. Wisdom cannot be taught. I often heard that people adore those who have Master Degree or PhD. They branded these people as ‘Beauty with Brains’. Beauty is very subjective, and I am well aware that beauty can always blind the heart that people tend to like what they see. Beauty can influence on how we perceive things to be. In fact, there are grey areas in which having high level of education does not mean they are wise or experienced enough because every certificates have their own expiry dates, and some theories might not be valuable in the next few years as they will be replaced with a new one.

While we always valued intelligence above wisdom, I cannot deny that having intelligence means having the ability to solve problems, and think and act skillfully. I have met people who are intelligent who are not that very wise because they tend to have technical answers but not the ability to fix in certain situations that require them to go beyond the theories.

…even if you’re the smartest person in the world, without wisdom and common sense, then you’ll be dumber than a wise person.

And that’s only because wise people will help others, and know what to do in life. Those who don’t have wisdom just… won’t.

Which do you prefer: Intelligence or Wisdom?

Intelligence teaches, wisdom learns.
Intelligence earns, wisdom saves.
Intelligence dreams, wisdom acts.
Intelligence hopes, wisdom strives.
Intelligence reasons, wisdom loves.
Intelligence knows, wisdom applies.
Intelligence speaks, wisdom listens.
Intelligence leads, wisdom serves.
Intelligence thinks, wisdom understands.
Intelligence memorizes, wisdom explains.
Intelligence gains, wisdom wins.
Intelligence subdues, wisdom persuades.
Intelligence dreams, wisdom acts.
Intelligence contemplates, wisdom knows.
Intelligence commands, wisdom influences.
Intelligence practices, wisdom excels.
Intelligence innovates, wisdom originates.
Intelligence builds, wisdom maintains.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

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