Blog Detox: What Makes a Product or Service as Female-Friendly?

We live in a man-made world, designed by men, and led by men. However, women played the most active parts in it. There is an increase in social and professional dominance of women across the world. Girl Power! Yeah, just like Spice Girls would do whenever they conquered the world with their music and fashion. Women have their own way to conquer this man-dominated world. But, what makes a product or service as female-friendly?I’m not trying to bring feminist agenda on the table. Although women in some developing countries are struggling for have a proper control on the land and income, most women are now both active and passive income earners. Women can be quite multi-tasking when it comes to earning money for the family (and themselves, trust me this!).

Women were becoming a major social, cultural, and economic force. They are everywhere, whether or not they are working outside, women are decision-maker in the family because you will always have to get through your own mother even though your father gave an approval nod (or sometimes a note for you to sigh, “You better ask your mum first.”). Besides, you can easily notice that more and more women are dominating higher education and most of them are pursuing courses which once made specifically for men – Engineering, Science, Computer, Lawyers, Aerospace, and Architects. And yes, we do have women who delivers your GrabFood, and FoodPanda orders.

Again… What makes a product or service as female-friendly?

Women can be impulsive buyers, and they cannot be satisfied with one or two things only. How many lipstick(s) that you could find in a woman’s handbag (or their make-up drawer)? Frankly speaking, I have more than 40 lipsticks in my saving, ranging from matte, wet, ultra moisture, long-lasting, and some weird-looking-colours. I actually don’t know what’s the purpose of grabbing lots on lipsticks when a lipstick can last up to 6 months. But, most of the lipsticks are bought during ‘Best Buy’ or ‘Sale’ season. Impulsive buyers are easier to catch because we lest use our brain, but more to what we find satiable at heart and for the sake of our ego.

Where do these women usually do their shopping? Online shopping – Zalora, Lazada, Shopee, eBay, Amazon, and many more. Whether you notice or not, most of the products posted on the main page of any online shops are for women – apparels, shoes, bags, accessories, make-up, skincare, and so on. You should have noticed by now that these online shopping have their ‘Price: Low to High’ in every search result. Why? Women love to look for discounted products. Some even reached to the extent of trying to get discount on vegetables – a cheapskate that degrades other women.

Never ignore a woman’s power and influence especially when you are creating a new product or service. Give them a bad product or service, these women can do both word-of-mouth marketing or a more advanced one, electronic word-of-mouth marketing, in a way that you would never imagined. Yes. Women can be a very good at spreading word that can make your business flourish or doomed… Forever. That also answers why there are more female influencers than their male counterpart. Women trust women more. We cannot afford to listen our male counterpart to talk with technical jargon when we need some explanations. But, we love to learn how to make ourselves beautiful from our guy friend who knows really well how to do the eye-shadows, and contouring thingy. Women are only interested on the ‘The End’ part – beautiful or fugly. Every woman wants to look good for herself, and ‘kill’ the other women (who stole their boyfriend or spouse).

If you are creating a new product or service, and you are trying to do marketing. One piece of advice, put the label as big as possible, in other words, CAPITAL LETTERS. Why? Women do not have time to stroll around especially when they are with kids. If you wanted to introduce your brand, make sure the name is BIG enough for women to notice, and post it on their Snapchat or Instagram. Most women love to announce their new findings. We, women, do not like small things – please make sure the font size is big enough to be seen, just like the size of a 22-carat diamond ring.


Yes. The future of all products, services, and your social media will revolve around women. Is your product or service female-friendly?

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