Blog Detox: What is a Better Life?

I always believe that life can change for the better when we have the effort to do so. That’s why I always read motivational quotes once I wake up in the morning, and share one quote of the day to my friends via Whatsapp. I do share it on my Facebook and Twitter, too!

My life has been quite hectic nowadays, and I am still trying to adapt and get to know with everyone regardless of their status or age. I treat everyone equally and with respect because every human deserves to be treated fairly and with a sense of humanity.

Alright. There are things that I have been observing lately, and that what sum up today’s blog post – What is a Better Life?

In my opinion, achieving a better life does not simply mean I have to earn more money. I remember there was one time when my favourite (I actually admire this person, anyway) local politician, DSP Masidi Manjun, mentioned that life is all about having a control on your lifestyle.

My definition of a ‘better life’ is simply how to determine the values of the things that I really need in my life. What are the things that I need to do in order to achieve my goal or my ambition. The things that I need and how I am going to achieve them would define my attitude. Having a positive mindset is another element which I need the most in order to achieve my goal because the path that I take is never an easy one.

I know that my values on each aspect of my life change over time as I face with life experiences. There is nothing wrong to change my own values and priorities as long as I can always have a better life. Yes. I change my values that only lead to positive result.

Besides, I always be grateful with whatever that I have so that I can feel content and never have to compete with others. Yes. I can focus on myself and be a better person for my own sanity.

For those who have been wondering why I leave my blog without update, well, it’s not that I would leave my passion in blogging, it’s just I was pretty busy these few months. Finally, I can now write about anything but that does not mean I am going to write about my workplace. LOL. I guess I have to stop right now but I promise that I will write again soon. Real soon!

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