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Blog Detox: The Queens who Fell Deeply in Love with the same King

I have always interested to know more about Korean culture, and that includes the history of the country. In fact, I find it’s really amusing to be able to learn other’s cultures and history which, in turn, makes me love my culture even more. I admit that I love to learn more about the history after watching a movie or drama which is said to be based on true event. Actually, I have this curiosity when I was 8 years old which I started to find more information about Joan of Arc. I was so excited to look for the French heroine after watching Ingrid Bergman starred in the 1948’s movie.

I’m getting so hooked with Korean dramas and movies these days have made me into wanting to know more about the places where they shoot for the movies or dramas. I’m so fortunate that despite of the language barriers, I can still enjoy watching these historical movies or dramas as well as learn more about Korean history and cultures.

Hong Soo Hyun as Queen In-hyeon in Jang Ok Jung, Live by Love (SBS)

I fell in love with Queen In-hyeon after watching Dong Yi (동이). I actually loved Park Ha-sun acts as Queen In-hyeon that I went to look for the Queen’s background on the Internet. It’s such an interesting story about Queen In-hyeon and how she loved King Sukjong. The other dramas that portrayed Queen Inhyeon are Queen In-hyeon’s Man, and Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love.

Queen In-hyeon

I guess historical drama has their own story to tell based on their own perspective. For instance, Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love, has a different point-of-view where Jang Ok-jung (Queen Bu-Ok) would do anything for the sake of to win the King’s love and attention. But, she was later misused for political reason – to protect the clan.

Kim Tae Hee as Jang Hee-Bin (SBS)

Today, I spend my time reading an e-book entitled Virtuous Women: Three Classic Korean Novels – A Nine Cloud Dream, Queen Inhyun, and Chun-Hyang which I downloaded from the Internet a few weeks ago. The e-book features 3 virtuous women which I find it’s so interesting to read. Since I’m fond of Queen In-hyeon, I have decided to read The True History of Queen In-hyun as transcribed by Kim Chong-un. This story has been classified as ‘Palace Literature’ that might have been written by one of the palace women. So, this story, which does not mention who was the author, has been classified into 4 groups.

The story is actually an autobiography which it describes the beauty and flawless of Queen In-hyun from the day she was born. She was blessed and gifted that everybody loves her. Then, when she was 14, she got married to King Sukjong who was at that time 5 years older than her. The story actually describes how the government system worked back then and the Queen’s family gained power, the torture, dethroned, and so on. In my opinion, both Queen In-hyeon and Queen Bu-ok (later Lady Jang) were so in love with the same man. They could become sisters or friends but due to getting marriage to a king is similar to gaining power for the clan.

I noticed that there is exggerated virtuosness of Queen In-hyeon and a contrast exaggeration of Queen Bu-ok (Later Lady Jang). Since this story is all about Queen In-hyeon, there’s undeniably that the story looks from her perspective. After reading this story, my interest to know more about Korean history has gradually increased. I just love how they tell love and political issues entwined to each others, just like in the dramas.

It’s a good read, and for those who love to watch historical dramas regarding Korea, I would recommend you to find more about the true story behind the drama. It’s very interesting because some dramas do not answer the question you have in mind. Nevertheless, I’m adding my wishlist that someday I would be able to take photos of the Palace and the Royal Tombs.

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