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It has never crossed my mind that I have to work ‘quite’ far away from my family. The day I received the letter was the day I found myself doomed. I was so frustrated and almost gave up. I told myself that I would rather never to accept this appointment that to be parted from my family, especially from my kids. I never thought that I would have to stay away from home, again.

I thought I would never have to experience the painful of having to be far away from my parents, and grandparents. I promised to myself that I would never stay away from my family again, ever since the day my grandpa was admitted to the ICU. I blamed myself a lot. I prayed a lot so that God would give me a chance to meet him. Yes. God did answer my prayer, and He gave me more than a year to spend with my Grandpa. He passed away on 20 November 2009. It’s the date that I shall never forget, and I admit that I still find myself hard to move on. A stab straight to the heart. It’s hard to accept the fact that he is no longer with us. Let’s not talk about my late Grandpa. I just feel like to share the feeling that I had before this, and what I feel today.


There’s a lot that I wanted to share with you but time constraint has been part of my life at the moment. In fact, I’m still in the middle of adjusting myself with the new environment but I (positively) believe that I can endure this because I have met lots of friendly and supportive people in Ranau. As for today’s post, I purposely named it as #MyHeartIsInRanau because this is going to be a new ‘corner’ for this blog, my blog, to share about my life, and what you can expect when you’re in Ranau. I must say, it’s the best place to live if you’re looking for a peaceful place, or just cannot stand with the hectic lifestyle.

Most of the people here in Ranau are really friendly, and helpful. Frankly speaking, I thought I would ‘die’ just because I have the thought that ‘I have no family or relatives here in Ranau’ until I get to know this bubbly and friendly Penampang lady who have been residing in Ranau for more than 10 years. Let’s just call her ‘Ivy’. So, Ivy brought me to have breakfast at Ranau Hakka Food Court. There are tons of choices to choose from, and they operate from morning until midnight. It was rather chilly that morning and I cursed myself for not wearing my UNIQLO Heattech innerwear.


I feel so blessed that I manage to befriend with everyone in the office within a matter of week. I’m not sure if it’s because of me or maybe because Ranau people are really friendly. But, I bet Ranau people have always be the friendliest ones. In fact, I do have friends who are from Ranau, and they are working in Kota Kinabalu. I must say that they are really good helpers when you need them. Trust me. I got a place to stay from my Ranau friends in Kota Kinabalu. Nantilah sia belanja diorang sebab mana sia dapat kasi selesai masalah sia dalam jangka masa yang singkat kalau bukan dari diorang yang tulung sia.Β Dear friends, if you are reading my post, you know that you are not forgotten. I will always remember all the good deeds.

If you love local delicacies, well, you can easily find it around Pekan Ranau. The morning Tamu is a ‘must visit’ when you are in Ranau. I usually posted out what I eat when I’m in Ranau and some of my friends even asked me to help buy some local delicacies likeΒ Tuhau, Jinaruk Bambangan, Serunding Tuhau,Β and so on. I may not be able to fulfil every one of them due to my work schedule. Anyway, feel free to come to Ranau and enjoy some of their signature local delicacies. You can get them cheaper here in Ranau.

I guess that’s all for now. I promise to find some time to write soon! Have a great day!

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