Blog Detox: It Started with SUMANDAK.COM

I started blogging when I was just 15 years old, and was busy studying for my PMR (or PT3) back then. I was an active student during my high school years, all thanks to the teachers and my friends (especially my bestie, Surianee) who were so supportive despite of my so-called introversive behaviour. While leading an active lifestyle as high school student during the days, I was a sneaky (too!) as I logged on that ‘28.8kbps’ Prepaid Internet once my parents hit the sack. 

I got myself addicted to the Internet because of the vast information which I could have, and my sole purpose of browsing the Internet was to learn how to set up a homepage. I was so happy as my uncle taught me how to search for the tutorials – I learnt HTML and Javascript all by myself. I would take 11pm to 2am during weekdays to learn, and since my parents were very stern back then, I had to make sure that I would never be caught. I just had to make sure that I got good marks so that I could have my monthly Internet allowances. I got good result for my PMR and SPM which led me to taking Diploma in Accountancy in Kolej Ibukota Kinabalu (KIK). Before I got that Diploma offer, I went to take Certificate in IT in KIK, it was a short-term course because I wanted to learn about basic programming. I was more interested in programming than accounting, anyway.

So, when I started my first semester in KIK, I met this guy who was taking Diploma in Computer Science on IRC. We didn’t get the chance to meet because I was a homie person, and would rather stay inside my study room than hang out with my friends. That should answer why I didn’t have lots of photos with my friends when I was in KIK. Okay. This guy helped me a lot about programming and he was quite surprised that even though I was taking Accountancy, I still took some time to learn programming. Sambil menyelam, sambil minum air. Apart from that, I met some IT guys who were very helpful – Happy sia sampai ke langit bah bila diorang ajar sia pasal benda yang sia suka.

During my final year in KIK, my Uncle got me a domain name – SUMANDAK.COM. He only showed me the basic, and I had to learn from the Internet again. I went to run some tests on the PHP scripts, and ended up with PHP-Nuke. I managed to get this SUMANDAK.COM on the Internet within 10 days – that includes 4 sleepless nights. I kept my identity a secret as I wanted to be anonymous but they finally found out that the person behind the name ‘sumandak‘ was actually a girl – Me. Starting from that day, I received hatred messages from other people including a message that I should stick to my Accountancy course, and should never downgrade IT students. The messages left scars a big hole in my heart. But, I was so blessed because my family and friends were there to support me when I was so down.

After a few years have gone, I started to build a blog – DAYVERAMPAS.COM. I was thinking of writing a blog about my life and what I love to do. However, it turned out to be more than I could imagine. I become a beauty and lifestyle blogger. From that day on, I have decided to write product reviews especially products from South Korea because I am a big fan of K-Beauty.


I guess I have to stop writing as I still need to wake up early later to get to work. I still blog even though I’m now working in Ranau. The Internet line may be quite slow here, and I just hope I can always blog without jeopardising my job.

Till then. Have a nice day and God bless!

p.s. To the guys who helped me back then, I would love to thank you for being so helpful. I hope you are blessed with good life. Kalau ko ingat, pigi add sia di Facebook. LOL!

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