Blog Detox: If You Have Something to Keep in Your Life, What is it?

Time is precious. Time is everything. Time is life. I’m not sure I can live without time because time is the only thing that bind me with my memories and future. Without time, I have nothing but an obscuration. If I have something to keep in my life, that would definitely be the ‘time’ because once it is in the past, it may never come back. Every single thing in this world depends on time, even momentum depends on time. 

Time is not about wearing expensive and branded watch or having an old vintage clock at home. Time cannot be bought with money and they cannot even be monopolized by the richest man in the world. Time is when I stare at my watch, wondering when my kids are coming home. Time is when I look at the clock hanging on the wall, wishing that I can finish my assignments before 5 p.m. Time is when I start to calculate the speed that I need to consider for me to reach my destination. Time is when I flashback all the memories that I spent with my late grandfather, wishing that I never disappointed him.

Time is the future that I hope I would never repeat the same mistakes again. Time is what I need to spend my time with the kids so that they know how much their mom loves them. Time is when I need to write post on my blog, hoping that I can generate more ideas rather than staring blankly wishing that the ideas would popped out of my mind. Time is when I count the days left for me to live sanely in this world.

Yes. Time is what I want to keep in my life because it holds the past, present, and future. Time has the universe.

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