Blog Detox: Are You Suffering From Professional Envy?

Are you happy when seeing others distress or become distressed? If you feel distress on seeing others happiness, you can never show compassion to other living entities. Wherever there is envy there is no question of love; and wherever there is love there is no question for envy. I recently read a book which states that envy is the leader of all other internal enemies. All those lust, anger, greed, illusion, and pride are included within envy.

Every man should act like this: when he meets a person more qualified than himself, he should be very pleased; when he meets someone less qualified than himself, he should be compassionate toward him; and when he meets someone equal to himself, he should make friendship within him. In this way one is never affected by the threefold miseries of the material world.

When we find someone who is more qualified (or more talented or good looking) than ourselves, we become envious of him. Instead of being envious, one should be delighted to receive him. We should try to practice having more compassion towards every one that we met, but how many of us would practice having a little compassion? Oftentimes, we would definitely get ourselves in a conversation that does not even benefit our life. Yes. This ‘envy’ definitely has its own way to reach other people even to those whom we would address as ‘holy’ or ‘pure’.

Envy—almost all of us struggle with it, and almost none of us will admit to it.
—Joe Rigney, professor, Bethlehem College and Seminary, and author of Lewis on the Christian Life and The Things of Earth

Generally speaking, an envious person always give pain to others and put them in anxiety. He tends to be very selfish and his only concern is for his own, name, fame, adoration and prestige for his own happiness. He is unafraid of committing any sinful activity – he is merciless, in nature. Envy turns a person a great liar, who only speaks lies. When someone is suffering, he becomes so happy, in other words, ‘kotoh!’ (serve you right!). Envious person never attain long-term happiness. His sole happiness depends on what he did to others.

Envy is a subtle and vicious sin, which usually aims at those closest to us—family, friends, neighbors, fellow workers, and church members. It is embarrassing to divulge, and thus it gnaws at our souls, filling us with rage at others’ success or with satisfaction at their misfortune. Arguably, envy is the original sin that burned within Satan and has beset mankind throughout history. We see it in Scripture—from Cain to Saul to Joseph’s brothers and to the Jews of Jesus’s day who nailed him to a cross. In short, envy makes us unwitting accomplices of the Devil and it can destroy our souls.
—Ivan Mesa, editor, The Gospel Coalition

Having trouble with your envious attitude? Seeing Green: Don’t Let Your Envy Color Your Joy should be able to help you deal with your own problem before nobody would want to be with you anymore. Help yourself before joy no longer be part of your life. I’m done enjoying this book, though. It’s definitely a great book for all of us – a great self-reminder.


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