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Blog: Be a Brand Influencer on Instagram with StarNgage

I recently received an invitation from Joash from Hasmeta, a well-known Singapore-based social media marketing agency that specialised in combining creativity with technology to deliver accurate social media analytics data to large companies such as Bosch, L’Occitane, Fujitsu, SteveMadden, Giti, PwC, and KornFerry. I’m not going to talk about Hashmeta but they have recently launched StarNgage which you can collaborate on campaigns as well as provides you with accurate data. Read more if you’re interested to get to know more about StarNgage.

If you are an Instagram Influencer, StarNgage can help you deliver the data that you need for you to identify your target market. In fact, StarNgage is the first self-serve Instagram marketing platform in Asia which connect Brands to Influencers on Instagram. StarNgage’s Instagram Analytics solution provides information about your Instagram account’s performance which can help you to turn your account insights into action for your business.


Moreover, StarNgage’s Instagram Hashtag Tracker shows how many people posted with your hashtag, along with the number of Regrams, Likes, and Comments your campaign is generating. StarNgage empowers almost 1,500 Instagram influencers to work with brands on fun and rewarding Instagram marketing campaigns.

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You will need to be active on Instagram with a certain number of followers in order to be a StarNgage influencer. Besides, you will need to have at least 1,000 followers to be able to enjoy being part of the campaigns which are usually consist of promoting the brands’ products or services based on the brand’s detailed specification. By joining the campaigns, you will be rewarded with different forms of benefits from the brands that you worked with and this could vary depending on the requirements of the campaigns. In short, you can be rewarded either by products or services, monetary, or commission based on sales.


The registration is free of charge. Upon signing up with StarNgage, you will be given a set of free and easy to use analytics tools so you can track any accounts and hashtags on Instagram, identify your fellow advocates or peers, as well as learn which posts gain the highest engagements. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s StarNgage!

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