#BeYourOwnInspiration: My Life Survival Kit – Food

“Ivy, when I met you in your office that day. My mind was somewhere else. I didn’t actually look at you; I was looking at the buildings behind you.”

“What buildings? You mean the Magistrate Court and Federal Building?”
“Iya bah. Berfikir turus sia. How am I going to survive at this place. And the first thing sia fikir was ‘Matailah sia. Mana mau cari makanan ni? Takkan KFC saja yang sana Pekan?’. Makanan bah duluan sia susah hati.”

Ivy only laughed upon hearing my honestly honest statement. Yes. The first thing that crossed my mind was FOOD. Why FOOD of all the things in the world?

I was taught by 2 men whom I respect the most – My Grandpa (Sabilah M. Benggon) and my Dad. They have one common ‘life philosophy’ – ‘The first thing that you need in order to survive is FOOD, one of the basic necessities. Not MONEY. Never be a servant to money because even The Lord’s Prayer never mentioned about blessing the money.’

I’m not a fussy eater because I have been taught to always be grateful with whatever I have on the table. My favourite dishes have always been the local ones. Give me Linopot, and I will be the happiest sumandak in the whole world. Give me jinaruk bambangan, I will feel as I am the luckiest one in the whole world!

My point is simple – Life is not about earning more money just to buy unnecessary things to impress the people that you don’t like. Life is about how you can fulfil the basic necessities in order to survive. We earn money to buy the things that we need and can be used in our daily life.

Dayve RampasDayve Rampas

Dayve Rampas

I am a graduate with a BA in Accountancy (Hons.), and have recently graduated with an MA in Business Administration (MBA). I'm currently taking a crash course Diploma in Financial Trading apart from being a candidate for PhD in Business Administration. I love make-ups so much that I took a Professional Diploma in Make-Up Artistry from a local make-up academy, and now, I am a certified professional make-up artist who has been travelling all over North Borneo to make people look prettier. I've been in this industry for nearly 5 years now and even have my own make-up team with my partners - Sylvia, and Janet. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products, and share my experience with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at dayverampas@gmail.com.

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