Beauty: The Beauty Secret of Korean Flight Attendants – HERA UV Mist Cushion Ultra Moisture

HERA UV Cushion Mist Ultra Moisture

Anyeong! It’s almost weekend, and today I’m going to write about my favourite compact cushion. Choosing a cushion compact that fits for your skin can be difficult especially when there is a need to be aware of what the finish look that you are looking for. If you’re an avid fan of dewy look skin like those Korean celebrities, then this cushion compact which I review is a must. Yes, this is a great product which my Korean sister-in-law bought for me. It’s hard to find Hera brand here in Malaysia or Singapore. Let me know if you find one. 

HERA UV Cushion Mist Ultra Moisture

What They Say

HERA UV Mist Cushion Ultra Moisture SPF34/PA++ is a long-lasting Ultra Moisture Cushion.

  • Genunie deep moisturizing with Hyaluronic Acid & Gluconnaman.
  • Moisture-Trap Technology is applied for penetrating active moisturizing ingredients to deep inside of skin.
  • Camomile oil boosts up skin texture, as forming skin protective coat.
  • Skin friendly safe coating powder helps in expressing sleek skin condition.

HERA UV Cushion Mist Ultra Moisture


  • For skin that looks moistful.
    • Mineral water is combined with hyaluronic acid, a powerful moisturizing factor in skin and glucomannan, a natural moisturizing ingredient that fills the skin with moisture.
    • The moisture-trap technology is stabilized with moisturizing and hydrating ingredients that are delivered deep into the skin to keep it moisturized for a long time.
  • Moisture and glow LOCK-IN with a moisturizing mist function.
    • Camellia oil not only moisturizes the skin, but also boosts the skin’s glow to help keep the skin moisturized.
  • Soothe flaky skin complexion for skin that looks smooth.
    • Moisturizing ingredients soothe flaky skin while yarrow extract that helps remove the dead skin cell to keep the skin smooth. The skin-friendly coating powder fits onto the skin in a light, thin layer for skin that looks smooth.

HERA UV Cushion Mist Ultra Moisture

What I Say

I got myself shade #13 Cool Ivory Ultra (본품 + 리필). Compared to other cushion compacts which I used before, Hera UV Mist Cushion Ultra Moisture lasts longer and gives slightly heavier coverage. It gives the skin glows, and this has been Korean flight attendants because it can last during long international flights.

It comes in a very sturdy compact with glittery lid, and it comes with a refill which can last for 6 months depending on the usage. It only requires light pressure on the cushion puff because the product can cover the whole face. Since my shade is #13, I just need to apply a little on my face. I had to wait for a few minutes to get the product match with my skin tone. It has yellow undertone which is suitable for Asian tone. The product blends really well into my skin, and it can last for 6-7 hours without reapplication. However, I still need to fix the oily T-zone with blotting sheet because I don’t want to look ‘Shinning Like A Diamond’. LOL!

HERA UV Cushion Mist Ultra Moisture

The price is quite expensive but still okay because it has a refill with extra sponge. It’s easier to replace with a new refill because it’s designed to pop out by pushing out the back. Plus, the case can be cleaned before inserting a new refill.

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The cushion is really soft and creamy. It leaves my skin looking radiant without being greasy. I felt my skin is moisturized all day long. This cushion compact does wonder for sensitive skin type. However, this cushion compact may not be suitable for you if your skin is allergic to silicons or chemical sunscreens. The best way to apply this cushion compact is by dabbing it. Do not rub or glide the product on the face.

HERA UV Cushion Mist Ultra Moisture

This cushion compact gives me the dewy look and it does not leave my skin with dryness but a natural satin finish look. No oily look. This cushion compact is only suitable if you want to achieve a radiant dewy finish look. I wouldn’t recommend this if you wanted to achieve a matte look. It gives medium coverage which is effective to cover post acne scars without having to apply concealer. If you’re thinking this can conceal your dark circles, my answer would be a ‘no’. There’s a need to apply concealer to do the colour correction before layering it with this cushion compact.

HERA UV Cushion Mist Ultra Moisture

The compact cushion includes skin brightening, hydrating mineral clay water, and SPF50+/PA+++. It has a very nice floral scent which lasted for a few hours. I have a combination skin which is prone to breakouts. I have been wearing this cushion compact for 2 months now, and it does not give me breakouts, itchiness, or hives. 

My Verdict

The price is quite expensive ($45 or MYR190) but it’s still bearable because it has a refill. In fact, it’s suitable for all skin types (that includes sensitive skin), and really does its magic. This is a great cushion compact which I would love to repurchase. 

Where To Buy

Hera Korea: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

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