Beauty: Shizens Lumineux Essence

Shizens Lumineux Essence

You must have heard that Vitamin C, kojic acid, and licorice are all great skin brightener but you might want to try Arbutin, too! Most of the natural skin brighteners are more gentle to the skin, and function as tyrosinase inhibitors to provide skin lightening and brightening effects. What is Tyrosinase? Basically, they are the brown spots that can be activated anytime when come in contact with UV light (i.e. freckles, and sun spots). Thus, Arbutin is what you need to block the tyrosinase, and dark spots. In fact, it is famously used as an anti-oxidant in most anti-aging products. So, today’s post is all about the new product from Shizens, Lumineux Essence.

Shizens Lumineux Essence

What They Say

Offering a two-pronged approach, geared towards prevention and whitening/lightening, to counter the issue of skin darkening, Lumineux Essence contains:

  • a-Arbutin to effectively, safely and immediately reverse and control the darkening mechanism of the skin. While doing so, it also lightens the skin tone, reduces the congregation of melanin, freckles and spots to give skin a radiant glow and breathtaking fairness.
  • Tranexamic acid that inhibits tyrosinase and the activity of melanocytes. This works directly by preventing the darkening of freckles and spots, thus enhancing the skin’s light and glowing tone.

The 2% of a-Arbutin content in Lumineux Essence’s formulation is extracted from the bearberry plant and works by inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme involved in melanin production; whilst Tranexamic acid, a stable whitening agent, inhibits tyrosinase and melanocytes at the same time, thus effectively brightening and whitening skin tone. It is also highly effective in eliminating freckles and spots.

While it is a potent solution for achieving fairer, flawless skin, consumers are advise to avoid long term exposure to direct sunlight and ensure that sufficient sun protection is used daily to maximise its effect.

Shizens Lumineux Essence

What I Say

Packaging: To be frank enough, it comes in a very tiny amber bottle with a dropper. Just 5ml.

Texture, Formulation & Coverage: The texture is a lightweight gel-like formula that melts into the skin within a few seconds. It does not leave any residue or oily feeling. It smells nothing like floral, just nothing. Only need a tiny amount to cover whole face and neck.

Shades/Colours: The essence comes in a clear gel-like formula.

How I Use This Product: As suggested by the product itself, I only apply this before I hit the bed, as serum, before proceed with other skincare products. 1-2 drops are more than enough to cover whole face, and neck.

Effectiveness: It does not give any breakouts, but I notice my skin is peeling after a 4 days of using it. I’m not sure if it’s due to the essence. However, my dark spots and scars are gradually fading away. I continue using this while adding sunscreen during the days so I can reduce the ‘risk’ of getting all those brown spots.

Shizens Lumineux Essence

My Verdict

I’m pretty satisfied with the result after using it for 7 days. It really reduces the appearance of my dark spots and scars. The only drawback about this product is the hefty price. Yes. It’s quite expensive. However, if you want to brighten the skin (because brown spots make us looked very old). I would only buy this whenever they have offer or sale. You can grab this awesome product for less than MYR99 when you key in this code ‘ESHIZENS13‘ which valid until 30 November, 2016.


I would like to thank Butterfly Project Malaysia and Shizens for giving me this opportunity, and making this review possible. Product was sent to me for review consideration. This does not affect my judgement in the review in any way.

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