Beauty: SHILLS Ultra Hydrating Rose Pink Mud Mask – My Favourite Skin Glow-Booster!

SHILLS Ultra Hydrating Rose Pink Mud Mask

Face masks are designed to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients to your skin because masks are used intermittently to help give your skin a boost when it needs it. I’m sharing my personal experience using SHILLS Ultra Hydrating Rose Pink Mud Mask which I bought from Watsons last August. The reason was due to its tiny size which can easily fit into my backpack, but that is not my only reason to make repurchase as I noticed how it makes my skin looks nicerrrrrr.

SHILLS Ultra Hydrating Rose Pink Mud Mask


SHILLS Ultra Hydrating Rose Pink Mud Mask with Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract, Glycosyl Trehalose and Vitamin E. It increases skin moisture instantly, leaving skin plump and moisturized.


  • MOISTURIZE & PURIFY – Reduces signs of aging, improves circulation. Purify your skin and make it look brighter and softer. With this new formula! With this mud mask . Healing volcanic ash will gently help you to achieve a smooth and flawless dermis.
  • HYDRATE YOUR SKIN EFFECTIVELY – Hydrates skin and provides a soothing sensation. Rich in minerals with best high quality ingredients, the pure mud aids skin renewal, creating a gentle exfoliating effect that removes excess oil, toxins, and dead skin cells for a softer feel and radiant glow.
  • SKINCARE ROUTINE EXPERT – Just add this pink mud mask with dead sea clay to your daily skin care routine and see how hydrate your dermis will get. Ideal for dry skin. It’s a face mousse party!
  • VEGAN & NATURAL & SUPER PACKAGE – Get the best quality 100% vegan and vegetarian friendly, not tested on animals. 100% real Asian Skin Care product. Dermatological tested.

Directions: Apply a medium-to-thick layer (2mm) on the desired area. Avoid eyebrows, hairline, eye area, and lips. Leave for 10-15 minutes until fully dry and wash it gently with lukewarm water.

SHILLS Ultra Hydrating Rose Pink Mud Mask
Important Notice:
  1. Please store in shade and avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  2. Do not apply the products to wounds, swollen areas or skin abnormalities.
  3. If showing signs of redness, inflammation or abnormalities, stop using immediately and contact your dermatologist.
  4. For sensitive skin, before use applies to a small area without stimulation, continue with use if no irritation occurs.
  5. Keep product in the dry place away from direct sunlight.

SHILLS Ultra Hydrating Rose Pink Mud Mask


First of all, the reason I bought this mud mask is because of its size. I was looking for a convenient and travel-friendly mud mask as I usually travel – I just cannot live without pampering my skin with mask. Since I know that I would be staying in an air-conditioned hotel room, that means my skin would be dry and flaky. So, I have to bring along some ultra-hydration skincare products to ensure that my skin gets enough of moisturizer and hydration. 

SHILLS Ultra Hydrating Rose Pink Mud Mask

I have been using this mask for some times now, and I must say that it is very gentle on my skin. The mask is not overly drying to my skin. It really makes my skin soft, and hydrated. SHILLS Ultra Hydrating Rose Pink Mud Mask is interesting as it is effective in purifying and cleansing my face and neck. This mask does everything it says!

SHILLS Ultra Hydrating Rose Pink Mud Mask

The usage is pretty simply. First, just wash your face using any cleansing foam. Then, hold a warm wash cloth on your face to open the pores. After that, spread a layer of this mask all over the face and neck. Leave it for 10 – 15 minutes, and then wash it with warm water first then only cold water (to close the pores).

SHILLS Ultra Hydrating Rose Pink Mud Mask

I like how this mud mask re-textures and moisturizes my skin. It instantly minimizes the appearance of my pores and leaves my complexion looking ‘s0 glowy’. SHILLS Ultra Hydrating Rose Pink Mud Mask does not give my skin with breakouts, and with its affordable price and tiny size – This is definitely a catch!

SHILLS Ultra Hydrating Rose Pink Mud Mask


Travel-Friendly + Hassle-Free + Affordable Price + Glow Booster + Ultra Hydration = Definitely Great for Dry Skin = Repurchase Again!



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