Seri Dewi Malam (SDM) Medicated Feminine Wash

Beauty: Seri Dewi Malam (SDM) Medicated Feminine Wash

I remember there was a time when my friends talked about vaginal discharge, one of them said, “Dia indatau kah di bawah dia tu bau? Cucilah bah guna pencuci untuk sana bawah tu. Eeeee… Punyalah pengotor.” I was a bit taken aback but I did not respond to it as I was thinking what if I am in such situation – Having to be in the state of embarrassment and lack of confidence due to vaginal infection. Many of us (women) feel uncomfortable when we talk about vaginal diseases and with the lack of open discussion, most of us might not have any ideas on the available cure and prevention on these vaginal problems. 

In fact, most females including young teenage girls suffer from infection in the genital area at least once in their lifetime, and most of the time this may be untreated because of lack of understanding on the symptoms and consequences. Vaginal infection is a ‘small’ and ‘hidden’ area in the body but it can affect our life once it becomes worse.

When we talk about searching for product that provide delicate care as well as protection from odour and irritation with everyday cleansing, we would usually find ourselves in dilemma as there are tons of products that claimed to be ‘V-friendly’. I am not a professional but I would like to share my personal experience when it comes to finding ‘Miss-V-Cleanser’.

Seri Dewi Malam (SDM) Medicated Feminine Wash

A few weeks ago, my friend introduced me to Seri Dewi Malam (SDM) brand in which I later found that it is quite famous on the Internet. So, I decided to buy Seri Dewi Malam Medicated Feminine Wash because of the word ‘medicated’ which I thought to be a good ‘Miss-V-Cleanser’.

I must say that this product not only targets on local market as it does provide information in English language. I bet the marketing strategy is not only targetted to local market using the conventional method of word-of-mouth marketing because this product intends to penetrate into the market via creating the awareness to international market.

Seri Dewi Malam (SDM) Medicated Feminine Wash comes in a travel-friendly plastic bottle but I would suggest to secure it in a small plastic bag because the lid can be easily opened. The packaging is rather simple with limited information – just some basic information such as brand, name, introduction (with that usual marketing jargon), instructions, ingredients, and address.

Seri Dewi Malam (SDM) Medicated Feminine Wash

Seri Dewi Malam (SDM) Medicated Feminine Wash claims to be anti-bacterial wash which I guess this is one features of the product. Other than that, this product helps to eliminate bad odours while keeping the vagina at normal pH and moisturised (is this the correct word to say it? :P).

Here’s the best part. I have been using Seri Dewi Malam (SDM) Medicated Feminine Wash for a few weeks now, and I am using it every day – whenever I feel I need to ‘refresh’ my Miss-V. To be frank enough, I actually love its cooling sensation every time I wash my Miss-V. Besides, this product really keeps the bad odours at bay.

The price may be quite pricey compared to other products available in the market but sometimes it’s okay to spend money on some good stuff especially when it comes to having your Miss-V healthy and refreshed all the time.

My Verdict? I would love to repurchase this product again unless I found another product which is better than this product. Anyway, I would definitely recommend this to my readers and friends. You should try this!

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