Beauty on Budget: Emeron Sweet Bengkuang + Vitamin C Hand & Body Lotion

Emeron Sweet Body & Lotion with Bengkuang + Vitamin C

I remember the first time I saw Emeron brand was back in 1994. My grandma had Emeron shampoo in her bathroom and I actually used it because I was staying there during the weekdays. Emeron has always been a reputable brand from Indonesia and it has never failed to meet their customers’ expectations. I actually fall in love with Emeron because it worked wonder to my hair – because I was so obsess of having black hair when I was a kid. Yup. Black is sexy, anyway. So, I went to buy their body lotion when I was shopping for groceries in Kiaburi Plaza (Ranau) a few months ago, and this is what I want to say about Emeron Sweet Bengkuang + Vitamin C Hand & Body Lotion.


Emeron Sweet Body & Lotion with Bengkuang + Vitamin C

What They Say

Emeron Sweet Hand & Body Lotion dengan ekstrak bengkuang, mencerahkan kulit kusam dan memberikan nutrisi pada kulit agar tetap lembut. Kandungan Vit C dengan Antioksidannya melindungi kulit dari efek buruk sinar matahari. Kulit tampak lebih putih dan tetap sehat dengan keharuman yang menyegarkan. Kamu sekarang tampil lebih percaya diri.

What I Say

It has thick consistency with medium absorbency rate. It requires a few minutes to let it gets fully absorbed into the skin. I tried applying it onto the skin after taking bath (my skin was still wet a bit), and I did not find it really appealing as it leaves white residue on my skin. It is recommended to apply it onto dry skin.

This body lotion has a nice fragrance (but can be quite strong for some people) which does not last long. The price is quite affordable, and I would say it can be a nice body lotion especially when you are looking for a body lotion within your budget. This is a nice product despite of its price as it keeps my skin moisturised. Although it has the ability to keep my skin moisturised, there is a need to constantly reapplying it every 2 hours. Apart from that, this lotion has no SPF protection, meaning that, there is a need to apply sunscreen or sunblock.

This product claims to have Vitamin C which functions as to make dull skin looks fairer as well as nutrition for a smoother skin. There is no duration for the result can be seen. I am not sure what to say about this because I have been using this product for 3 months now, and it does not make my skin fairer. This product functions as preventing my skin from getting dry and flaky. Besides, this is not a bleaching product.

My Verdict

I am not sure whether I would buy this again but since it gives me my skin with moisturisation that I need, I guess I would reconsider of buying this again. It may not give one a fairer skin but it helps to maintain the skin so that it may not become dull one. The price is really affordable and I may recommend this nice product to those who are on tight budget but would love to get their skin moisturised. We just need to keep dry skin at bay.

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