Beauty on Budget: BIOAQUA 24K Gold Skin Care (Serum)

BIOAQUA 24K Gold Skin Care (Serum)

I have tons of products flooding my office waiting to be reviewed, and I’m sorry for the late review as I’m trying to cope everything before end of the year. Today is my day of rest as I have to sort out a few things before Christmas. What would you do when you’re having your day off? Me? I love to pamper my skin after I’ve finished with the house chores. Today I’m going to talk about serum which is surprisingly nice on my combination skin – BIOAQUA 24K Gold Skin Care.

Since gold figures among the softest of metals, it was the most popular skincare used by ancient civilizations to remedy skin problems by rich people. While Gold has been usually used as accessories, it is also known to have healing properties and can do wonders to your skin.

BIOAQUA 24K Gold Skin Care (Serum)

How does it work? Gold activates the basal cells of the skin to increase the skin’s elasticity. This, in turn, reduces wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and spots. Besides, gold has small ions that help stimulating the cells, veins, and nerves in the body which promotes blood circulation. This increases the skin cells’ metabolism and helps waste secretion. It helps to slow down the depletion of collagen level in the skin cells. If you’re looking for a glowing skin, then you should add gold in your skin care routine.

BIOAQUA 24K Gold Skin Care (Serum)

Dryness usually leads to premature aging. Thus, the use of gold in skin care routine can help prevent premature aging as gold helps to increase metabolism rate of the skin which leads to more hydrated and healthy skin. Gold can also lighten the complexion if used religiously. Gold can reduce the production of melanin or black pigment which resulted to tanning or sun damage.

This products claimed to offer the following benefits:

  • Supply moisture to skin,
  • Restore skin’s natural hydra protective barrier,
  • Facilitate water lock,
  • Improve dry, rough, wrinkles and other skin problems, and
  • Help to gain transparent, smooth and bright healthy complexion.

What I Think About This Product

The packaging is a real turn-off because it is a ‘direct translated’ from Chinese. I noticed that it is hard to understand the instructions well because there are tons of grammatical errors. I had to look over the Internet to find out how other people used this serum.

BIOAQUA 24K Gold Skin Care (Serum)

I also find it was a bit difficult to make the serum get absorbed into my skin but once it penetrated into my skin, I can see that my skin look glowing and smooth. In fact, my skin feels smooth every time I applied this onto my skin. There is no significant result in reducing fine lines or wrinkles. It just made my skin really smooth, and moisturized.

BIOAQUA 24K Gold Skin Care (Serum)

The serum, however, is what I like the most because it does not make my skin dry, and I never experienced breakouts whenever I applied this onto my skin. No greasy feeling, and I think this works as primer, before applying make-up. This is perfect to be used on eyes area and great for those who have dry skin because this product is more to oil-based serum, not a water-based.

My Final Verdict

This is a nice product and really affordable. The packaging may be hard to follow because of the grammatical errors. However, this product is nice enough for the skin especially those who are suffering from dry skin. I find it is perfect to be applied before make-up because it makes the skin glows.

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