Beauty on Budget: YUBISO Light & Flawless Pure Nude CC Cream

YUBISO Light & Flawless CC Cream

I recently went into YUBISO in IMAGO Shopping Mall, Kota Kinabalu, as I was looking for cute stuff. However, when I went to their beauty section, I noticed that they have tons of budget make-ups which are sold within the range of RM5 – RM30. Pretty affordable but are they worth buying for? I was skeptical about the quality. Tempted to try their beauty product, I finally bought YUBISO Light & Flawless CC Cream. Today’s post is all about what I think about this budget CC Cream, and what I like and don’t like about this product. You might want to read because there’s no reviews written about this CC Cream yet, as on the time of this post is written.

YUBISO Light & Flawless CC Cream
This product includes a refill. Very nice.

There are tons of budget CC Cream available on the market but the question often on the quality and how our skin reacts to it because some might contain harmful ingredients that contributes to redness, rashes, dryness, or acne. CC Cream has a lightweight texture compared to BB Cream. So, there is a need to use concealer to cover blemishes. CC Cream is intended to lightly cover the skin, which is perfect to achieve a natural look without having to look like wearing heavy make-up.

I bought YUBISO Light & Flawless CC Cream for only RM25 (US$6) only, and it includes one (1) refill (15g). The price is pretty affordable and I think this is the cheapest CC Cream which I bought so far because the cheapest CC Cream that I have in my collection is RM80. My first impression is on the price which is really really cheap.

YUBISO Light & Flawless CC Cream
I was quite confused with this one because it is written in Korean language. The packaging was in Japanese language, anyway.

The packaging. Okay. It comes in a black box which is enough to fit the cushion compact, and one (1) refill. The box also has description in Japanese, and English language. I’m not sure if they have the Japanese without grammatical errors because the description in English has tons of errors, including the spelling. What I don’t like about this product is their descriptions which are full of errors. I believe that the product description is the ‘window to a soul’ because customers who have never used a product should be granted with a decent description, at least.

The compact is very light, made out of plastic. There is a mirror inside. I would never want to use a cushion compact without a mirror. One thing that made me confused is the cover sticker which is in Korean language. LOL. Now that makes me wonder if this product is really made in Japan or just another ‘Made in China’ product. Slightly disappointed with the presentation, anyway. The puff or sponge is a bit thin and rough. I noticed it was a bit harsh on my skin. Maybe because I have been used to ‘high quality’ sponge that I need to get used with this ‘new’ sponge. I guess the sponge can still be acceptable or I just can replace it with another decent sponge which I bought from Korea.

Let’s talk about the CC Cream. I notice that this is rather outstanding that the others. It really has a lightweight consistency, just like other CC Cream which I have tried before. It’s fragrance-free. It brightens my skin with just one layer. Nice one. This is what I like about this product. However, there is a need for reapplication since this CC Cream is a bit watery.

YUBISO Light & Flawless CC Cream

Apart from that, there is a need to blot the skin especially when you have oily skin. I don’t find any problem with my dry areas as it stick perfectly on my dry skin area. This CC Cream lasted for about 2-3 hours on my skin. This product, unfortunately, does not ‘fit’ to be worn together with stick concealer (liquid concealer, fit!) because it makes the make-up look a bit cakey. Last but not least, this YUBISO Light & Flawless CC Cream does not make my skin comes up with rashes, redness, or breakouts. It works perfectly fine. Anyway, not to be used if you’re planning to ‘have fun’ under the sun because this does not have UV protection, and it melts real easy.

I would not recommend this for those who have acne problems or those who are looking for CC Cream that can cover blemishes without having to use concealer. This may be recommended for those who love to come up with a very natural look, or like those Korean celebrities’ skin.

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