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Have you ever thought about buying your contact lenses online? In fact, buying your contact lenses online is a very easy process as long as you have a few information when you do your online shopping. I’ve seen there are more independent online sellers (and dropshippers) who are selling contact lenses on Instagram lately, but I always doubt about their product authenticity.

I have been wearing contact lenses for decades because contact lenses are a great choice for people with an active lifestyle. My favourite type of contact lenses are the soft ones which are made of hydrophilic plastic. It’s a very special type of water-absorbing plastic that will stay moist in the eyes, without leaving my eyes irritated all day long. However, this material depends on moisture to stay pliable, and it can get really brittle once the lens gets dry.

I love coloured contact lenses because I find they are much easier to wear compared to clear contact lenses. Moreover, they change my eyes’ original colour, and other people can see my whole face without any view obstruction. Let’s be real, you can look younger when you take your glasses off and wear a pair of contact lenses. In fact, you don’t have to wear glasses when you’re getting married. Trust me. No bride or bridesmaid wants to wear glasses on the aisle. Your friends or relatives would surely ask you to buy a pair of coloured contact lenses, for sure!

Where do you supposed to buy contact lenses online? You can always shop with They have a wide variety brand of lenses that come in many colours, and patterns. They are 100% genuine Korean products, and all their products are sent as gifts to allow worldwide shipping without import tax. You can get a free pair when you buy 2 pairs of contact lens. That’s a bargain! Who wouldn’t want free lenses?

Here’s one of the cons of buying contact lenses online. Most online sellers would impose a very high shipping fee especially when it’s an international order. However, it’s totally different when you buy your contact lenses with Why? Because offers free worldwide shipping. Yes. You don’t have to pay for the shipping fee. No hidden charges, too. The best thing is, they give free contact lens cases on every orders! It’s a great deal which you shouldn’t missed! Price is no longer the reason you wear glasses again this season.

Here are some fantastic options for you if you are thinking about trying coloured contact lenses. These contact lenses are available at Most Asians have light to dark brown eyes colour, and here are the tips for you:

For darker eyes (dark brown), you might want to put a little boost to your natural colour. These colours are subtle and would not change into a dramatic one.

  • Mimi Idol GrayMimi Idol Gray Contact Lens: If you’re not looking for a dramatic change on your eyes, this should be a great choice. Its’ 100% genuine Korean product which is perfect for both dark and light coloured eyes. It has a diameter of 14.20mm, base curve 8.6, and water content of 40%. This is a 1 year disposable contact lens but recommends to be used within 4-6 months after opening. This is one of the most comfortable circle lenses available on the market which you should try. The pair is sold at a very affordable price which you can get for $19.90.
  • Dueba Lace GoldDueba Barbie Eye Lace Series – Gold Contact Lens: This contact lens has a unique beautiful pattern that is totally different from usual pattern contact lenses. It has a beautiful pattern that looks like a ruff that encircles your eyes, with the addition of soft golden brown colour to show bigger eyes, and this lens is lightweight that you will forget you are wearing contact lens. This contact lens is very soft and comfortable to wear and this breathable lens will keep your eyes feeling fresh all day long, so you can wear these cosmetic lens the whole day and night without experiencing any itchy feeling.
  • Dueba Baby Queen BrownDueba Baby Queen Brown Contact Lens: The colour might be a bit lighter for you liking but once it’s layered with your dark eyes colour, it would turn into dark brown. It would not be too striking, and will look like hazelnut colour. Dueba is famous for its soft contact lens quality, and this would be perfect pair if you’re not looking for a dramatic look. Dueba Baby Queen series is the best choice for you if you are looking for great colour lenses that will update your look and show a brand new style very easily. Each pair is sold for $19.90, and you will never looked like wearing one with the diameter 14.50mm as it will make your look very natural.
  • vassen-cocoro-4-tone-violet-colored-lenses-1Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro Violet Contact Lens: You will love the smooth colour and design of this Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro Violet lens which perfectly blend with all natural eye colours to show a new amazing colour in your eyes. Thanks to the addition of the 4-tone colour in this Vassen Lucky Clover Cocoro Violet lens, this cosmetic lens has water content of 55% and will surely make your eyes look more seductive and sexy as well as leaving your eyes without the irritation from dryness. With only $19.90, offers you an opportunity to get wonderful violet 4-tone coloured contacts at a very affordable price which you may not be able to find elsewhere.

For darker eyes who are going for a more drastic look, here are some great lenses that make your eyes colour change dramatically.

  • Dueba Batis GraySweety Dueba Gray Contact Lens:  This contact lens has a diameter of 14.50mm, base curve of 8.6, and with water content 38%-42%. Although it’s said to be 1 year disposable, recommends this to be used for 4-6 months. Each package is sterilized in buffered saline. This Sweety Dueba Gray lens can be bought without prescription and is approved by FDA and EU. Great to be worn both dark and light coloured eyes. You can buy this for $29.90 per pair.
  • vassen-stella-green-3-tone-lenses-1Vassen Stella 3-Tone Colour Green Contact Lens: This contact lens has a design very similar to those of Geo Tri-Color Serious but the spikes in Stella Series are slightly bigger, creating a wider eyes illusion than other Tri-tone color contact lenses. This effect allows you to enjoy a real dolly eye look. The natural green color and aurora effect lenses blend well with your natural eye colour. Vassen Stella 3-Tone Color Green contact lens is very soft with 55% of water content and comfortable to wear. It does not have black ring, and this makes it more natural when wearing it. It’s so lightweight that you won’t feel them in your eyes at all. If you love a mixed 3 tone color contact lens then Vassen Stella 3-Tone Color Green contact lens is the best contact lenses to choose from which you can get at $19.90 only.
  • dueba-hydrocor-crystal-brown-contact-lens-1Dueba Hidrocor Crystal Brown Contact Lens: This premium contact lens is sold for $59.90, and it has the most beautiful colour suitable for dark eyes. It’s lightweight, soft, and natural upon wearing. With diameter of 14.5mm, this lens has water content of 38% to 42%, with a base curve of 8.6. Although it’s said to be perfect to be worn by both dark and light coloured eyes, it suited those with dark eyes because of the crystal brown colour which would transform the colour of the eyes dramatically.

For lighter eyes colour (brown to light brown), there are plenty of colours for you to choose from and they can make your eyes look mesmerizingly brighter.

  • Geo Tri-ColorGeo Tri-Color Green CM-903 Contact Lens: Wish to have a pair of mesmerizing green eyes like Adele? This lens which is also known as Geo Magic Color 3 Tone is the perfect contact lens for you. This series imitates Caucasian coloured eyes thus creates a stylish look with the addition of a natural colour and aurora effect to show more mysterious colour. The golden brown in the centre blends very well with any natural eye colour and the natural green colour tone gives to your eyes a more natural appearance.Geo Tri-Color Green CM-903 contact lenses are very soft and comfortable to wear so you won’t feel them in your eyes at all. This premium lens is sold at $49.90.
  • Mimi Baby XileneMimi Baby Xilene Pink Contact Lens: If you like Solotica contact lenses or Freshlook colour lenses you will love these Korean lenses that most people prefer because of their comfort and colours. Each pair of lenses are sold for $19.90, and this plano contact lens is for cosmetic purposes only without eyesight correction. With a diameter of 14.20mm, this can be something new to your eyes without having to worry being dubbed as one of the anime characters. This lens is perfect for any occasion, and it is 100% genuine Korean product.
  • geo-sparkling-blue-ana-52Geo Sparkling Blue AN-A52 Contact Lens: This sparkling blue contact lens is a very hot item from Korea. This lens is quite similar to Neo Cosmo Glamour series but it’s a lot more comfortable than the latter. Geo Sparkling Blue AN-A52 Contact Lens offers a noticeable and unique design, and it creates a very natural look of 3-tone which blend well with your eye colour. The best thing about this lens is the colour is very mesmerizing and fits both dark brown eyes and light eyes. Each pair is sold at the most affordable price of $19.90.

Be sure to check out their online shop, pretties. I will be posting a review of their amazing contact lenses soon! Stay tuned for more updates!

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