Beauty: Improves Skin Vitality with Suzuki Herb Laboratory’s Probiotics Lotion

Suzuki Herb Laboratory Probiotics Lotion

Our skin vitality is influenced by more than trillions of bacteria living in and on the skin that fight infections, thwart environmental damage, boost immunity, regulate pH levels, and keep the skin plump and dewy. In other words, probiotics is also becoming important in keeping our skin healthy – just like our gut. In fact, topical probiotics and their lysates have been shown to be of value in treating acne especially when the product contains a 5% extract of Lactobacillus plantarum was found to reduce erythema, acne lesion size and improve skin barrier in patients with acne. I’m not going to go ‘scientific’ today, but I would love to share you my personal experience with Probiotics Lotion (铃木草药益生菌面霜) by Suzuki Herb Laboratory. This newly found technology in skincare is worth the hype as published in Modern Medicine Network.

Why do we need to protect our skin with Probiotics Lotion?

  • Probiotics Lotion can be used as ‘toner’ as it helps to minimize the appearance of large pores and tighten the skin. This lotion promotes cell growth, stimulates blood flow, and helps keep the skin smooth and bright.
  • This lotion also helps to heal acne and soothes the redness of an outbreak.
  • Skin hydration was also improved following use of the Probiotics Lotion.

Have you every heard of using rice water as part of skincare routine? Rice-rinsed water contains a lot of probiotics which is good for the skin. ‘Skin Staphylococcus’ is one of the naturally-grown bacteria which carries out important functions by helping to retain moisture and maintain good protection barrier of our skin. However, this Skin Staphylococcus reduces as we age, and this can lead to the weakening of skin protection. That is why it is important to have ample of probiotics lotion as to maintain moist and youthful skin.

Some facts about Skin Staphylococcus:

  • It breaks down sebum on the skin and converts it into a skin moisturizing component.
  • It supports synthesis of antibacterial peptides.
  • It acts as anti-inflammatory effect.

Suzuki Herb Laboratory Probiotics Lotion

Why I love using this Probiotics Lotion

I noticed that my skin has gotten really dry these few days due to the hot weather as well as I’m staying in air-conditioned room. In fact, wearing foundation as part of my daily routine has also turned my skin into dryness and prone to breakouts. This is what I would like to solve at the moment as I don’t want to look older than by biological age. Sound pathetic but I really need to revitalise my skin.

This is the easiest way to keep a moist and youthful skin. It really keeps dryness at bay, in which, I believe that it reduces breakouts, acne, inflammatory, and… that appearance of wrinkles. I can actually see the effect after using it for 3 days in which I usually apply it after cleansing. It has a thick consistency but once applied over the skin, it does not leave the sticky feeling on the skin.

Suzuki Herb Laboratory Probiotics Lotion

Probiotics Lotion is also good to be used as base make-up because it helps to spread out nicely and evenly. Plus, it makes the make-up lasts longer – no cakey or dryness due to make-up application. It leaves the skin looks really dewy and youthful. This is a nice product as it can also be used by kids because it is so mild on the skin. I would recommend this product to be used by those who are having dry or matured skin.

Suzuki Herb Laboratory Probiotics Lotion

I am aware that one bottle can be quite expensive for some of you, but considering the benefits outweigh the costs, I would still buy this because it really save my time and money to invest on a few sessions skincare treatment which can cost up to thousands. Repurchase? Definitely! *because I need to start taking care my skin as I am about to reach in 40 in the next few years.*


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