Beauty: How This ‘Mangosteen-in-a-Bottle’ SPRAY8 Heals My Skin

Furley's Spray8

Do you know that mangosteens (manggis) usually take 8 years to mature before fruiting, and only 10% of the portion is edible? This tropical evergreen tree that bears fruits scientifically known as Garcinia Mangostana has been part of the traditional medicine in several Asian countries. The Queen of tropical fruits has proven to have the health benefits since 18th century and even Queen Victoria sampled it! Today’s post is going to be a miracle superfruits that can heal the wounds naturally! Read more to find out about this product.

Furley's Spray8

What are the benefits of Mangosteen for skin, and health?

Mangosteen contains polyphenol compounds known as xanthones which function as anti-inflammatory, and these have been proven as an effective remedy for various cardiovascular diseases by healing the damaged cells caused by free radicals. Xanthones also act as anti-microbial agents apart from slowing down the aging, and prevent the degenerative diseases as well as physical and mental deterioration.

Besides, mangosteen is rich in Vitamin C which provides resistance against scavenge harmful pro-inflammatory free radicals. In fact, ‘The Miracle of Superfruit’ written by Dr. Jeff Bennert and Dr. Kurt Grange stated that the inflammation equals to aging because it is the sole reason we all have those wrinkles because inflammation destructs tissue and it always overtaxes the immune system and allows chronic disease conditions to develop. The book also mentioned that mangosteen is a natural Cox 2 inhibitor and a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that has proven to be more powerful and potent than Aspirin or Dexamathazone in reducing inflammation without side-effects.

Furley's Spray8

What They Say

SPRAY8™ is a natural wound care product that contains a potent stain-free herbal plant extract. It reduces inflammation rapidly, induce the proliferation of fibroblast and support the defensive mechanism of the skin against free radicals due to the high antioxidant activity of the natural ingredients.

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SPRAY8 can be used to treat diabetic wounds, normal wounds, foot ulcers, bed sores, necrosis, hot water scalding, varicose wounds, grazes, and elderly dry and brittle skin. It is pain-free when applied and is rapidly absorbed into the skin.


  • Kills harmful bacteria.
  • Drying of the wound without cracking.
  • Stimulates vessel regeneration.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Stops formation of blisters (Hot Water).

Furley's Spray8

What I Say

I recently received a 100ml bottle of SPRAY8 for review purpose, and I decided to give it a try for a month. As a blogger who happens to test products especially skincare and cosmetic products, I always met products which are not suitable with my skin condition. My skin would get dry, rashes, or breakouts after trying out some products. That’s one of the hard facts which most of the bloggers have to accept because we tend to experience breakouts even when we are strict with our skincare routine.

Furley's Spray8

SPRAY8 Natural Wound Care comes in 50ml and 100ml white-coloured plastic bottle with spray nozzle. The packaging is very straightforward and simple. It has directions for use, ingredients, and the manufacturer details. It’s easy to use as I just need to spray onto the wounds within 15cm. I usually used it after cleansing my skin, 3 times a day. I have been using it for a few weeks now, and I notice there’s a difference within these few weeks.

Furley's Spray8

I started using SPRAY8 shortly after receiving it on 01/11/2016. My skin was in a very poor condition. I experienced breakouts all over my face especially on my cheeks and chin. I keep following the progress from using this SPRAY8. Although SPRAY8 has been used mostly on diabetic wounds, I was keen to test it on my skin with the hope (a very high expectation, anyway. LOL!) that it would heal my skin in no time.

Furley's Spray8

As you can see from the above photo, my skin condition started getting worse early October 2016. I purposely took this photo so I can use it for any products which can heal my skin condition at that time. My skin was healing at a very slow pace even though I stopped using products, and halted my reviews on skincare products. I received my SPRAY8 bottle on 01/11/2016 and started using it immediately. I monitor my skin healing progress every day, and as I took my photo today (15/11/2016), I noticed that my skin has improved so much!

If you are looking for natural wound care, just grab yourself a bottle of SPRAY8 Natural Wound Care. Don’t forget to use this discount code worth RM10 upon check-out. Just key in ‘FBIO-FA0‘ which is applicable on first order only.

Here are some facts about Furley’s products:

  1. Have HALAL certificates from JAKIM.
  2. Approval from Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM).
  3. Factory with HACCP & GMP certificates.

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