Argania Aquaceutical Mist

Beauty: Gives Your Skin Instant and Healthy Glow with Argania Aquaceutical Mist

Facial mist is optional but a good facial mist can add beneficial effects to your skin care regimen especially when you need to keep a flawless and youthful skin. Today’s post is about Argania Aquaceutical Mist which awakens the skin, revives the complexion, and refreshes the makeup by providing a boost of healthy hydration.

Argania Aquaceutical Mist

Frankly speaking, wearing makeup for more than 5 hours can dry up the skin which promotes enlarged pores, lines, and dry skin. That’s why I find facial mist is a must in my skin care regimen especially when I am in air-conditioned room. Argania Aquaceutical Mist can be used to prep my skin for makeup or finish off a makeup look by locking in a natural, dewy glow. There is a need to grab a good facial mist because I don’t want to waste my money on a facial mist that does not give the benefits which my skin really needs.


Argania Aquaceutical Mist


Argania Aquaceutical Mist is refreshing mist which instantly tone the skin, can be used anytime when the skin feels dry and tired. Perfect to apply before make up and a must have for dry condition.

Which skin type is it good for? Normal, Oily, Combination, Dry, and Sensitive


  • Moisturises and refreshes the skin;
  • Can be used to before make up;
  • Convenient to use anytime anywhere;
  • Gives your skin an instant, healthy glow; and
  • It rejuvenates your skin.


Argania Aquaceutical Mist


This Argania Aquaceutical Mist comes in a small and travel-friendly spray bottle with a quite tight (or secured) lid that requires ‘a bit of strength to open it. This can be an advantage or a problem for some people but I find this is really convenient as it protects from dirt and prevents from leakage.

Argania Aquaceutical Mist

You might heard before this that we do not need facial mist as it would eventually dry up our skin as it contains alcohol. Fret not! This oil-loaded facial mist can seal water into your skin and leave the skin with a glowy dew. This fatty acid and antioxidant-filled mist is formulated with the best quality of Argan oil, which gives the skin with extra hydration.

Argania Aquaceutical Mist

Aquaceutical Face Mist is best to be used as a toner shortly after using the Argania Multi Action Cream Cleanser. In fact, it has the ability to balance the pH value of the skin, speed up its healing, preserve the cells on the skin and ensure that the skin is constantly supple and soft. Besides that, it can be used to spray the face before applying make up!

Argania Aquaceutical Mist

I have tons of facial mist at home but some of them made my skin dry, and some did not work as what they boasted the benefits. I’m not a fan of facial mist containing alcohol but this Argania Aquaceutical Mist is totally oil-loaded facial mist which really gives my skin instant glow and makes my makeup lasts longer.




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