Beauty: Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse Removes Impurities Without Stripping Skin

Ever heard of Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse? It is another great innovation by a Japanese company which has garnered accreditation from the Japan Medical Association as effective facial cleanser to clean the pores. In it undeniably that most of us would really want to achieve a flawless skin even without having to apply make-up (or even have to add filter when taking photos).

We always try to find a better skincare product but we often ignore the need to take note on the first step of a skincare routine. In fact, one of the aspects which we usually mention is PORES – enlarged pores, clogged pores, large pores. Anything has to do with pores. The dermatology clinic or beauty center can clear the pores, but it is often beyond our budget if it meant for daily cleansing (or weekly). Pores need to be cleansed every day because make-up and other skincare residues, dirts, and oils can ‘stay’ inside our pores which lead to clogged pores, and other problems such as pimples.

To be frank, I have acne-prone skin and it worsened last few months. It was a total hell as I had to apply concealer to hide all the scars and ugly pimples all over my face (including jawline). It was in May 2019 that I started back to take care of my skin – a strict skincare routine which involves putting on facial sheet mask twice a day (morning and evening). But, the first thing that I would put in my priority list is cleansing the skin from impurities. I hated to look on the mirror with a ‘Strawberry Nose’ – big pores with blackheads. I tried with face steaming with hot towel, and I couldn’t stand it. Acne patch was not my favourite as it didn’t actually remove the blackheads. The worst situation ever – using Apple Cider Vinegar to clean my skin was a big mistake as it made my skin more sensitive.

A perfect skin needs to start from internal maintenance including the importance of nutrient intake and lifestyle. Foods that are eaten or nutritional supplements do have an effect on the skin. Fleuri is a cleansing product that can directly treat the skin from the outside.


Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse is a cleanser jointly developed by cosmetic dermatologists and beauticians who have solved more than 15,000 females’ skin problem. Since we are exposed to a lot of skin problems every day, plus the know-how technology for skincare, the brand always hope to develop a good cleansing product. The goal is to ‘solve the skin problems of most women. It took more than 2 years, and Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse was finally invented.

Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse has a higher quality ‘water’ than mineral water and hydrogenated water. It has the ‘water’ that carries anti-preservative properties. Some of the features of the ‘water’ in Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse are:

  • Improves skin-friendly function so that make-up can easily float up;
  • Prevents skin damage;
  • Acts as a replacement for preservatives, and has anti-bacterial effect;
  • Promotes penetration of active ingredients into the skin.

Among the countless ingredients discovered, Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse includes a large number of the most discussed beauty ingredients, and the essence of variety of rich natural plant extracts such as artichoke leaves, citrus fruits, Arbutin, Yuzu extract, Hibiscus leaves extract, and high quality reducing water.


I’m going to talk about this product, and why it has been one of my favourite cleansers so far. Unlike other facial cleansers, Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse only needs to be used once to remove all impurities including dirt and excess sebum from the pores. Most of all, Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse makes my skin feel refreshed after every washes, and it does not leave my skin with that taut feeling.

The result is superb, just as what the website claimed about this cleansing product. It really cleans the pores after 4 weeks of using it! I noticed that my skin has gotten smoothen, pores are tightened up, and blackheads are reduced. The best thing about Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse is I can easily remove all the make-up residues – ditching the make-up remover, for sure. Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse makes my skin becomes smoother and squeaky clean.

Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse contains high purity of reduction water which means it has better anti-aging effect. It does not only act as ordinary cleanser but also as make-up remover. I usually start with dry face (no need to wet the face), and then squeeze out pea-sized amount of the gel. Massage it on the face in upward motion for 5 minutes. After that, wash it off with icy cold water. It’s really refreshing, anyway! Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse helps to remove the make-up residues within 30 seconds by only massaging it on the skin. You can actually see from the photos by yourself as I was using it on my dry skin. It does not make my skin dry, anyway. I just love the feeling!

Prior this, it took me quite some time to put on the make-up in order to cover all the ‘protruding’ pimples and enlarged pores. After I started using Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse, I can feel that my skin has gotten brighter and the pimples are gradually reduced. I can’t say that my skin is perfect now but I am happy to say that there is improvement on the condition of my skin. Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse does not contain harmful ingredients such as 4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid, Synthentic Perfume, Mineral Oil, Alcohol, UV absorbent, Preservatives, and Petroleum-based material.

I am truly happy that I have finally found the most suitable skincare product to solve my pores problem. I really love the result, and will continue to use it even when my skin is in good shape. What I look forward to every day is to look at my skin after washing my face. Thank you, Fleuri Clear Gel Cleanse!

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