Beauty: Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner

Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner

I went to stop by at Daiso after I saw Ivy Jaculine’s review on her Instagram a few months ago. I’ve never thought that Daiso has make-up brush cleaner until I asked Ivy where did she buy the brush cleaner which comes in a pinkish 150ml bottle. I was skeptical at first but bought a bottle since I ran out of brush cleaner and I don’t want to use my dirty make-up brushes on my lovely clients.

What They Say

The make-up brushes and puff to keep the cleanser clean. Wash the brush and puff on a regular basis in order to use it longer. No damage user’s skin. Easy to clean. Apply an appropriate amount of this product, wash by hand and rinse thoroughly under running water. Made in Korea.

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What I Say

Basically, the brush cleaner comes in a palm-sized pink bottle and it costs about MYR 5.30 (plus GST 6%). It’s the most sought after cleaner because of the price and it is said to dust off the make-up residues that are flocking on the bristle. The cleaner is made in Korea, just in case you’re wondering where it is made from.


Unlike other brush cleaners which I’ve tried before, this Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner doesn’t strip off the residue when leaving the brushes submerged into the cleaner for a few minutes. If you tried a concentrated cleaner before, you will figure out that the make-up residue will detach and dissolve even without the need to make a few light strokes. I had to use my Real Techniques brush egg to ensure that all gunk are removed.


Although it doesn’t clean my brushes 100%, I still think this is a nice brush cleaner as it dust off all powder substance from the bristles. This makes my eyeshadows and blusher brushes clean. However, I admit that this is not enough ‘powerful’ to remove thick liquid substance such as concealer, liquid foundation, and lipstick. Apart from that, I dislike a really strong chemical smell which is quite unpleasant. This cleaner makes my hands dry. If you have sensitive skin, please use hand-gloves when using this make-up brush cleaner. Another notes, do not wash your make-up sponge using this cleaner as it can over-dry your make-up sponge.

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