Beauty: CHOKOLATE BAH! Chocolate Oats + Coffee Mint Face Scrub

CHOKOLATE BAH! Chocolate Oats + Coffee Mint Face Scrub

I went to AVIIMO @ Suria Sabah Shopping Mall a few months ago, and bought this CHOCOLATE BAH! Chocolate Oats + Coffee Mint Face Scrub to give it a try (and to support local Sabahans’ products). Here’s what I think about this face scrub. 

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The ever pretty blogger + super mommy @dayverampas ❤. ..chokolate skincare is excited + a little nervous, awaiting for a review of the Chokolate Oats Coffee Mint face scrub 😊 . @Regrann from @dayverampas – I bought this @chokolate_bah Chokolate Oats + Coffee Mints Face Scrub from @aviimo last week for RM25.00. I only use this face scrub twice a week, and today I’m going to pamper my skin with this handmade product. Lama tidak bikin product review oh kan. Well… Since I’m almost free from the busy-busy life, I’m gonna start writing real soon! Berhabuk dan bersawang sudah my blog #review #myheartisinranau #ranau #wheninranau #sabah #sabahan #sabahanblogger #kkblogger #ranaublogger #lokalah #lokalbrand #sapotlokal #chokolatebah #beautyblog #beautyaddict #beautyblogger #bblogger #skincare #happiness #gratitude #malaysianblogger #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #malaysianstyle – #regrann

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Chocolate does not cause breakouts and it is actually good for the skin. Flavonoids found in the dark chocolate protect women’s skin from the harmful UV rays. It helps to keep the skin healthy, glowing, and flawless.

CHOKOLATE BAH! Chocolate Oats + Coffee Mint Face Scrub

Chocolate protects the skin from free radical damage in which it keeps the skin soft, supple, and juvenile for a longer period. When chocolate is combined with caffeine, it makes an excellent skin detoxifier because it helps to sloughs off the dead skin cells to allow new skin to breathe.

CHOKOLATE BAH! Chocolate Oats + Coffee Mint Face Scrub

Chocolate is a good anti-oxidant because it is a wonderful stress-reliever by reducing elevated stress hormones thus making the skin glows. A recent study conducted by the researchers from Seoul National University, and the University of Massachusetts found that polyphenols found in chocolate actually decreases the inflammation and cures other allergies related to the skin condition.

CHOKOLATE BAH! Chocolate Oats + Coffee Mint Face Scrub

How about Coffee?

Drinking coffee has always been a must for most of us but coffee is also good for the skin. In fact, pampering yourself with a coffee facial scrub can help brighten the skin, prevent clogged pores, and soften lines. It brings happiness to the skin. The fragrance destress our mind and skin, as well. The caffeine in coffee has anti-inflammatory properties that help to stimulate blood circulation which effectively restores sun-damaged skin as sooth redness. In short, coffee can be used to reduce swelling and puffy eyes, remove dead skin cells (giving you a smooth and supple skin), and brightens up dull and tired skin! If you would love to have a younger looking skin, then caffeine should be in your beauty routine, ladies!

CHOKOLATE BAH! Chocolate Oats + Coffee Mint Face Scrub

Oats is our bestie
Oatmeal helps to combat acne problem because it has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants properties which are good for the skin. It also contains ‘saponins’ which remove dirt from pores. Due to its high level of fat found in it, oatmeal is also very moisturising to the skin.

CHOKOLATE BAH! Chocolate Oats + Coffee Mint Face Scrub

How do I fall in love with CHOCOLATE BAH! Chocolate Oats + Coffee Mint Face Scrub instantly?
I have been following their Facebook and Instagram before I made the decision to try it out as I had bad experience of using coffee as facial scrub. It was a disaster as my skin is dry and prone to develop rashes and acne. However, to my relieve,CHOCOLATE BAH! Chocolate Oats + Coffee Mint Face Scrub is quite nice to my skin as it leaves my skin smooth, glowing, and squeaky clean. No breakouts. The best thing about this local product is how I can easily wash off the residue. I also love the smell of fresh coffee. This is a must-have product because it does not only leave my skin clean, but also moisturised my skin with nutrition. This is also great to reduce puffy eyes (after burning midnight oil, perhaps?).

CHOKOLATE BAH! Chocolate Oats + Coffee Mint Face Scrub

My verdict?
This is a great local product to try. This would definitely great for those who are looking for natural ingredients to keep a healthy and younger looking skin. Oh, buying this product is better than ‘working hard’ in the kitchen to make one-day ‘lumpy’ facial scrub. I find this is really convenient as I can always use this without having to worry running out of my fresh coffee facial scrub – with oats and mint, of course. Let’s support our local handmade products, gals!

CHOKOLATE BAH! Chocolate Oats + Coffee Mint Face Scrub

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