Beauty: Benefits of Fresh Milk Cream

The Face Shop Daegwallyeong Fresh Milk Cream

Beautiful and clean skin is what every one of us would like to have, particularly women. Many people can afford to do skin care treatment even if they have to spend big amount of money just to improve their skin condition. Some would learn skin care tutorial from the Youtube or Instagram as they would like to achieve flawless skin.


Truth to be told, there are many skin care products are sold on the Internet and some of them are even cheaper. However, we should be aware of the ingredients that can harm the skin. Today’s post is about this milk cream or commonly known as ‘Malai’. It has been known among the Indians for its beauty advantages including natural moisturiser, and richness in vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins which are essential for the growth of new skin cells. The ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was also renowned for her beauty milk baths for soft supple skin. Milk Cream is not novel because it has been used for decades!

The Face Shop Daegwallyeong Fresh Milk Cream

Milk Cream or Malai can help remove dark spots on your face because it has vitamins and proteins that can improve the skin cells and encourage the creation of new skin cells as well as getting rid of dead skin cells. All you need to do is apply Milk Cream onto the skin on a regular basis, after cleansing and toner. Lactic acid that is present in Milk reduces skin’s pigmentation which resulted in a lighter complexion, by one-half of the shade, after three (3) weeks of daily use. It does not whiten, anyway, this is because the milk only peels the surface layer of the skin thus removing the dead skin cells.

The Face Shop Daegwallyeong Fresh Milk Cream

Milk Cream can make the skin supple and smooth if you use it regularly. It can promotes healthy and younger looking skin. It is also believed that Milk Cream can reduce the appearance of soft lines on the face as Milk Cream includes some protein and vitamins that can encourage the production of collagen.

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Milk Cream contains Vitamin A which solves dry skin problem. It has always been known for its hydration properties which works on the inside of the skin layer. Since Milk Cream is rich in fat, it is a great moisturizer. Besides, Milk Cream helps to heal wound faster and tackles patchy dry skin including eczema. It can also be applies on body areas such as neck, armpits, knees, legs and arms. Just rub onto the skin with Milk Cream.

The Face Shop Daegwallyeong Fresh Milk Cream


For those who have enlarged pores, Milk Cream can be your great buddy as it does not only remove dirt, dust and make-up residues from the skin but also tighten the pores and heal acne. If you would like to make your skin looks glossy and better complexion, you should try The Face Shop Daegwallyeong Fresh Milk Cream. I bought this The Face Shop Daegwallyeong Fresh Milk Cream early this month because I developed rashes and acne on my face as a result of dry skin.

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The Face Shop Daegwallyeong Fresh Milk Cream containing Daegwallyeong milk extract, moisturizes your skin, leaving your skin feeling soft. It is formulated without 7 additives: parabens, tar colorant, mineral oil, talc, paraffin, polyacrylamide, benzophenone-3. The application is really simple. I usually apply it onto dry, sensitive parts of the face and body. The scent of this cream is not so strong so I definitely like it. It really makes my skin feel soft, moist and supple. It does not make the skin feels sticky, and definitely heals wound, acne scars, and dry skin. Plus, it really lighten my skin. You can simply check the details on the ingredients of this product as prepared by Skin Carisma.

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