Beauty: b.liv Deluge Me Deep Hydrating Overnight Mask

b.liv Deluge Me Hydrating Overnight Mask

Dry skin needs extra hydration to ensure that skin can get moisture retention to heal as well as improve the skin conditions. I recently bought a deep hydrating sleeping mask from b.liv, and tried it for 2 months. I’ve decided to share my personal experience and opinion about this product.

b.liv Deluge Me Hydrating Overnight Mask

What They Say

It works overnight to hydrate your skin, a pleasant and beautiful surprise when you awaken! Deluge me intensively revives parched dermal cells and ensures the retention of moisture in skin’s deepest levels. Working as you sleep, it washes away dry and dull skin, to reveal the healthy and glowing cells within. you awaken to a refreshed and soothing sensation, and skin that is smooth, supple and bright as the morning!

b.liv Deluge Me Hydrating Overnight Mask


  • Wash away dry and dull skin in just 8 hours.
  • Smooth, supple and bright as morning dew.
  • Moisturizes deep within skin.
  • Moisture replenishing, soothing & relaxing

Best for all skin types, especially for dry, dehydrated skin (all ages).

How to use:

  • Use 2 – 3 times weekly to boost skin hydration, while restoring skin with deep relaxation.
  • Squeeze 5-6 pea-sized drops of deluge me, gently spread over your face.
  • Go to sleep after absorption without rinsing-off your face

b.liv Deluge Me Hydrating Overnight Mask

What I Say

The mask comes in a squeezable tube, just like ordinary liquid foundation or facial foam. Nothing much about the packaging because it’s simple. It has no instructions at the back of the tube which I find it’s pretty unfriendly because I have to remember the instructions before throwing away the box. The product is a cloudy white gel claimed to boost skin hydration.

b.liv Deluge Me Hydrating Overnight Mask

The scent is not so noticeable, almost ‘fragrance-free’. I usually applied this onto my face after I cleansed my face, followed by toner. The gel has a quite thick texture which I find it’s  hard for my skin to breath. Maybe it’s just my feeling.

There’s nothing much about this overnight mask because I woke up with my skin feeling very oily on T-Zone. I dislike to have my skin too oily because of the product I used the night before. I’d rather have facial sheet mask every night than leaving my skin with an overnight mask.

b.liv Deluge Me Hydrating Overnight Mask

My Verdict

I’m not sure if it’s worth buying but I don’t find how my skin has improved. The deep hydrating does not give my skin the hydration that it needs because I only feel my skin is oily the next day. The price is quite pricey, too. Sorry, but I won’t repurchase this product in the future, unless they have an improved version of this product.

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