Baby: Drypers Baby Wipes

Drypers Baby Wipes

One of the challenges of being mother is the need to be more sensitive in terms of price, features/contents/ingredients, and quality. I hope I don’t turn myself into a fussy momster. *LOL* I can spend nearly 30 minutes at the baby department store just to read through the ingredients/contents, and comparing it with other brands. It’s time consuming, for sure. Today’s post (after weeks of hiatus) is going to be Drypers Baby Wipes which I recently bought from the hypermarket. It’s a bit pricey compared to other brands of baby wipes.

What They Say

Packaged for convenience at home and on the go, with an alcohol-free formula that keeps your baby’s delicate skin moisturized.

Enriched with:

  • Oat Kernel Extract: Oat kernel extract is one of the key ingredients in Drypers Baby Care product. This extract is known for generations for its soothing and calming qualities on skin.
  • Pro-Vitamin B5: All Drypers Baby Care products are formulated with pro-Vitamin B5 which acts as a moisturiser, helping to keep skin hydrates, smooth and healthy.
  • Baby Friendly Fragrance: Drypers Baby Care range is suitable for babies as it’s made from Baby Friendly Fragrance ingredients which are approved by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

How to use: Open front resealable sticker for baby wipes. Re-seal after use to prevent drying. Also suitable for newborns.

Caution: For external use only. Do not dispose into toilet bowl. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat. Adult supervision required.

Pack sizes: 2 x 40pc & 2 x 100pc

Drypers Baby Wipes

What I Say

Drypers Baby Wipes usually comes in a pack of 40-sheet, or 100-sheet of baby wipes. The packaging is very handy, enough to put into travel bag. Each thick sheet has a subtle and mild fragrance which I think is quite good. This multi-purpose baby wipes can also be used to remove make-up residue as it doesn’t irritate the skin, or tingle the eyes. Yes, each sheet of Drypers Baby Wipes is alcohol-free, and it doesn’t make my baby skin dry at all.

The best thing I like about this baby wipes is its thickness. It doesn’t tear easily like other brands, and and one sheet is enough to clean up my baby (well, 2-3 sheets to clean up the messy poo poo). No more to stinky bum after diaper change, and welcome to fresh scent.

The only drawback that I find it’s hard to tolerate when using this Drypers Baby Wipes is when the baby wipes do not come out in one sheet at a time. The price can be another issue in which I find it’s quite pricey but it’s still tolerable as the quality is superior.


Drypers actually has its own club for pregnant, and mothers to get benefits from purchasing Drypers products. You can actually redeem to get other products or toys for your kids. The membership is open to all Malaysians, and it’s FREE. Click here to go to check out all the different gifts they are offering.

*Only pregnant women and mothers with children of the age 0-5 years are registered as members of the Drypers Baby Club.*

Drypers: Facebook | Website

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